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Gruel After School

We'll feed your kids when you can't be there
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Tied up in a late meeting at work, and unable to pick up your kids from school or daycare? Just call Gruel After School. A quick call from your cellphone, and we will deliver a warm, nutritious bowl of gruel to your children as they wait on the street corner for you to come and pick them up.
PotatoStew, Mar 15 2001


       Here's a jingo for the advertising campaign:   

       Life can be drag,
And waiting such a fag.
So go on, don't be cruel,
Go ahead and order,
Gruel After School!
Aristotle, Mar 15 2001

       Perfect for those suddenly-deprived children of the boom economy ...   

       "I can't buy you a cellphone, honey, but you can have a nice bowl of gruel."
1percent, Mar 15 2001

       A la Elvis:   

       "Just feed gruel, to a heart that's true..."
Wes, Mar 15 2001

       Yes, 1percent, in these troubled times of tanking stock markets gruel may become a true luxury. A parent could phone in an order while driving between job interviews. But if the bust has left you jobless, how to pay? Maybe Gruel After School needs to have some sort of prepaid Gruel Insurance Plan (GIP). You could pay into the GIP during boom times, and then after the next layoff, gruel would be paid out to the littleuns to sustain them until the next job comes through.
PotatoStew, Mar 16 2001


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