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Guardian Angel Pole Dancers

subway pole dancers
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In cargo cult's capital city there is a system of moving the natives around called The Subway. In days gone by it was a dank and dangerous place, and during my frequent times there, I have witnessed troupes of Guardian Angels who went from car to car watching and protecting the fearful travellers.

Happily those days seem to be a thing of the past, and entertainers have taken their place, blowing saxophones and providing other musical accompaniments in exchange for a few coins.

I have also observed that these carriages are festooned with shiny vertical poles, most suitable in nature for that other favourite form of entertainment and exercise in Cargo-land, that of Pole Dancing.

So, I propose that the redundant Guardian Angels be retrained as wandering pole dancers, destined to move from car to car in the subterranean world of trains, simultaneously delighting and protecting their captive audiences.

They would find their true form especially in the late evenings when the trains were nearly empty and there was ample space for them to swing their legs out and spin around the numerous poles in synchronised unison down the length a swaying carriage.

xenzag, Sep 12 2008

Guardian Angels http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyberAngels
a fine outfit to behold [xenzag, Sep 12 2008]


       but where will they carry their badges ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 12 2008

       They will be accompanied by bouncers: Guardian Angel Guardian Angels. In the future, when people's sexually instinctive wings have been clipped, the recursives can sumo wrestle in the aisles. +
daseva, Sep 12 2008

       If their bouncers are "accompanying" them, I, for one, will not watch. Although, these days, un-natural behavior in the bouncer department seems to be popular. As you were, then.
baconbrain, Sep 12 2008

       rather aged for pole dancing, surely?
po, Sep 13 2008

       the guardian angels! Hey Bubs, where ya been?
po, Sep 13 2008

       There are a lot of recently unemployed Poles here in Ireland. Maybe they could go and assist with the dancing?   

       Hello antipodean Bubba!
wagster, Sep 13 2008

       (reads halflame tag lines: Quote from UB "none of this is real".... is it really him?)
waves anyway
xandram, Sep 13 2008

       //guardian angel pole dancers// mind the GAP dancers
po, Sep 13 2008


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