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Catapult Commuting

Catapult one end, catch net the other
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For long journeys several short hops might be needed so a string of catapults would be built.

The catapult of course can be adjusted & swivelled for delivery to non standard destinations, in which case (as there would be no net in place to catch you) a parachute should probably be worn for safe insertion into the drop zone.

Though we at Skew Ballistics believe you should have the right to wear whatever fashion accessories please you while you travel, so it's not compulsory.

New terminology will be needed of course, trajectory rather than flight paths maybe?

Faster than driving, no fuel or exhaust emissions, lots of fun (a kind of extreme sports workplace delivery system) & really amusing to watch (if no one impacts each other mid air or misses the catch net), imagine what it will look like first thing on a Monday morning.

Crash hats are recommended.

Skewed, Aug 27 2014

Extreme Commuting by V-1 Replica [Skewed, Aug 27 2014]

Home_20Escape_20Vehicle [Skewed, Aug 27 2014]

Catapult_20to_20Work [FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2014]

Digital Tree Hopper A primitive form of this idea [pashute, Aug 28 2014]


       Bum, already done.   

       Home Escape Vehicle by [dsm] 2001 & Extreme Commuting by V-1 Replica brought to us more recently by [8th] in 2008.   


       [Marked for deletion]: prior art.
Skewed, Aug 27 2014

       I feel we may have done catapult commuting in the annos somewhere, however I don't think either of the links are valid mfd references.
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2014

       //don't think either// //are valid mfd references//   

       Really? how so?   

       <Perks up a bit>
Skewed, Aug 27 2014

       'cuz both are powered and neither include a net ?   

       But there is <link>
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2014

       Yup, just found it myself off of home escape vehicle.   

       <hangs head>   

       Ah well, back to the drawing board.
Skewed, Aug 27 2014


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