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Emergency Exit Glider

More fun than death!
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This started out as an odd observation, and then turned into something more outlandish. I was in a schoolbus when thinking this up, so bear with me.

So, you're driving along in the bus, when, all the controls freeze up! And, to make matters worse, there's a cliff up ahead, with rocks and rocky waters below. This is a problem.

But not with the emergency exit glider! The driver uncovers a big green button, and presses it. Exploding bolts holding the roof on explode, and small rockets lift the roof. The seat are attached to the top via poles, instead of the bottom.

Once the lower edge of the seats clears the top of the bus shell, wings expand from the roof. The passengers glide to safety, while the driver may elect to go down with the ship, so to speak. Better hope someone knows how to fly, or you may face the same watery grave.

finrod, Jun 26 2005


contracts, Jun 26 2005

       Sorry if anyone read this before I actually wrote the body of the idea. Stupid enter key...   

       ~ Thank you [contracts]. I just threw this one together.
finrod, Jun 26 2005

       I think you might want to put the engineering expertise that would otherwise go into constructing the glider mechanism into making sure the brakes don't fail in the first place...
DrCurry, Jun 26 2005

       Of course there are many better solutions to this rare problem. But this is the HB, right?
finrod, Jun 26 2005

       I think you've just described Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
simonj, Nov 16 2007

       Seat belts would help.
37PiecesOf Flair, Nov 16 2007

       Opening the doors on any one of my toy cars gave them the ability to fly when I was a kid.
Giblet, Nov 17 2007

       As long as cost is no option, and remember "it's for the kids", I'd go with military rocket propelled parachute seats like in jets and yes even helicopters. The advantage is for them to work the kids need to be in full five point harnesses strapping them tight to the seats which would make school bus drivers lives much better. The down side is that kids would use them periodically just for the ride. I know I would.
MisterQED, Nov 20 2007


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