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Guatemala Sinkhole Bungee

A wasted spot for potential tourism.
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Last year in Guatemala City, a storm opened up an enormous sinkhole in its deprived outskirt province of Zona 2. It's currently guarded by police and soldiers to ensure no one has a mishap looking down into it's 200ft chasm.

Why not capitalise on this peculiar phenomenon? Set up a crane above the centre of the hole, and charge idiot tourists 50 quetzales to bungee down beneath the roads of the city. It's more than deep enough, and at 60ft wide, it should be large enough for gringos not to touch the sides as they plunge into the darkness. If need be, the initial decent could be via a tube from the crane, just to ensure your trajectory is more or less straight.

See the belly of Guatemala at breakneck, terrifying speed, and dangle in the gloomy bosom of the Earth. Step right up!

theleopard, Apr 25 2011

News Report http://www.telegrap...atemala-storms.html
[theleopard, Apr 25 2011]

Conflicting depth reports http://www.dailymai...00ft-hole-city.html
This one says 200ft, [21], as do many others. Initial estimates were lower but once they had measured it properly it was around 200. Good enough? [theleopard, Apr 25 2011]


       I like this; it sometimes saddens me that the reaction to such things is more "Authorities are working to rectify the problem" than "Wow, an enormous hole in the ground! Cool!"
spidermother, Apr 25 2011

       It's become apparent these sinkholes will soon swallow us all. It's time we begin cracking eachother's heads open and feasting upon the goo inside.
rcarty, Apr 25 2011

       I read the title as Guantanamo Sinkhole Bungee first time around...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 25 2011

       Couldn't we apply this to the famous Chilean mine, except because the holes weren't drilled vertically or straight you could have an enourmous slide or doormat run, or rails could be installed for a guided kart.
TomP, Apr 25 2011

       Hey, that's how we could return Guantanamo prisoners to their countries that won't take them: giant slingshot.
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2011

       Hey [theleopard] - funny looking hole isn't it? I'm amazed it's so perfectly round.   

       I'd be reasonably happy to see it turned into a tourist attraction, although a space like that is just crying out to be turned into a car-park. There's too many car-parks taking up valuable space at ground-level, what's needed are more of these sink-holes, dotted around helpful inner-city locations. If you built them so that you drove down and parked your cars in a spiral that ran around the edge, you could still keep a relatively wide void free for bungee jumping or mafia body- disposal.
zen_tom, Apr 25 2011

       Good enough for a tangent post [Rayford].   

       Bubstons, it looks completely nuts. The pictures look like they've been Photoshopped. I don't know about an underground car park, but maybe they could adorn it with lights down the sides and a strange platform in the middle so that people could reenact the best scene from Empire Strikes Back.
theleopard, Apr 27 2011

       //the best scene from Empire Strikes Back// Ahh, when Yoda says; "size matters not".
4whom, Apr 27 2011

       //parked your cars in a spiral that ran around the edge// Too much trouble. Just push the cars over the edge, and let them pile up in a heap at the bottom.
mouseposture, Apr 28 2011


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