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Guided missile to make tunnel

One shot tunnel maker
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The guided missile we see in action thrillers seem to work in air....like you stay on land...target enemy aircraft and shoot the missile...the missile moves and turns as the enemy aircraft....and finally hits the target...no matter how many twists and turns the target makes...the missile takes the same route....

I was thinking of using some similar concept to dig tunnels (to bury oil transporting cylinders or the tunnels for the trains...or something similar applications where they need to dig tunnels...

yeah...i read again and it sounds like a bad idea...nevermind! :)

ravi kris334, Jul 26 2011

http://en.wikipedia...nnel_boring_machine [pocmloc, Jul 26 2011]

Bunker buster http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Bunker_buster
[xaviergisz, Jul 26 2011]

Operation Plowshare http://en.wikipedia...Operation_Plowshare
Atomic bombs to dig canals [spidermother, Jul 27 2011]


       would you shoot missile after missile into the tunnel mouth? where would the rock debris go?
bungston, Jul 26 2011

       As the author themselves point out, this isn't a very good idea, for those reasons and more.
Alterother, Jul 28 2011

       Nothing wrong with this idea at all -- just needs to be implemented at the appropriate scale. Build the missile with an Orion fission-bomb drive at both ends. Let the bombs at the front end be smaller than those at the back. Make sure the explosions are well-synchronized. Then use it to drill a tunnel through Ceres.
mouseposture, Jul 28 2011

       // Operation Plowshare //   

       Ahhh, yesssss ....
8th of 7, Jul 28 2011


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