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Last Word Services

Reach out and touch someone ... from beyond the grave
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Reminded by the 'Doomsday Escrow' idea of one I had a couple of weeks back.

Call our dedicated and discrete IVR service and record your farewell messages for the important people in YOUR life. As your mortal coil shuffles off, rest peaceful in the knowledge that your last words will be reaching them soon ...

Moving expressions of (ahem) undying love for your life partner? Advice, encouragement and support for your kids? Professions of unrequited lust for your co-worker/neighbour/milk delivery person? Deathbed confessions? The (last, final, ultimate) word in that ongoing argument? What you've always wanted to tell your boss/ex/mother-in-law? Instructions on where to find the buried treasure, or what not to tell the Revenue service?

Fail to take advantage of this very special offer, and no-one would EVER know. But now conveniently available for you to record and update at any time.

Don't quite have the words to say it? Visit our website and upload a picture (or audio, video, powerpoint file ...) to accompany each message - or select one from the thousands of carefully selected examples, helpfully arranged in handy categories.

Or commission a special something from our vast online network of freelance poets, speech writers, and greetings card designers

kindachewy, Jul 06 2009

done on the Hb Youlogy
[daseva, Jul 07 2009]


       Aw, come on ... autoboned AGAIN??
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       you didn't look very far, see list above the annos. edit: didn't mean to sound snide.
dentworth, Jul 07 2009

       They kind of did this in The IT Crowd, to comedic effect (it would probably turn up on a search for "IT Crowd funeral" or similar, I'm sure it's on you-tube somewhere.
zen_tom, Jul 07 2009

       You didn't read very far, did you [dentworth]?   

       This has NOTHING to do with Last Word Generator. (Apart from the words, 'Last' and 'Word')   

       Kindly have the good manners to read an idea before bothering to anno it, particularly if you want to criticise it.
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       Yeah, but it's quite similar to this <linky>.
daseva, Jul 07 2009

       'Youlogy' does share SOMETHING, possibly, with this ... but yet again the difference is that this is about an idea that might actually a) be used, and b) be simple to do.   

       It has enough 'bizzarity' to be interesting and to provide for a lot of potential humour and intrigue ... yet serves a real purpose.   

       Imagine you could call up at any time of night or day, at close-to-standard call rates. Whenever the thought crosses your mind, you can update your 'roger & out' message to any of the people that matter to you.   

       Stop for a moment and think (this is a serious suggestion, not an attempt at humour) - what would you want to say?   

       Just going through the process is extremely good for your soul.
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       You don't need to clarify, chewy. It's a tad insulting to consider that you think I can't differentiate humor from practicality. The idea stands alone, and I'll probably bun it at some point, but is that all you want? Buns? If you think the idea is so level-headed then why not bake it.
daseva, Jul 07 2009

       there's not enough difference in the concept to make me think it is new (-)   

       But it's not a mark for deletion, its just a neg vote. When I posted Living Hat, there were two other ideas in existance that were very similar. Someone pointed that out and I was ok with it because my version seemed popular. so perhaps it will be with this.
dentworth, Jul 07 2009

       I think it's significantly different than your link, [dent].
daseva, Jul 07 2009

dentworth, Jul 07 2009

       [daseva] Insult not intended ... (he says, obviously, and therefore a tad insultingly)   

       However ... //but it's quite similar to this// suggests deprecation of idea and having missed the whole core of it (given that core of idea is NOT actually very similar)   

       //is that all you want? Buns?// sadly - yes.   

       <sad, pathetic musing follows ...>
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       My day job is to come up with new and practical (but rather boring) ways of making vast amounts of money.   

       Tons of these ideas are half-baked because there's no opportunity to do them, not necessarily just because they're stupid. There's a whole continuum of not-going-to-happen because-stupid, to not-going-to-happen despite-not-being-stupid.   

       I love the fun of playing with ideas that are a bit (OK - the further the better) off the beaten track, like it even better when they are not only far off the beaten track but also - bizarrely - potentially highly doable. For me, the whole point of a site like this is the idea of being able to   

       - take heart in the fact I'm not the only weirdo out there who loves thinking of stuff like this   

       - enjoy the 'wow' moment of many more ideas that I didn't have to go to the trouble of working out for myself ... and the 'double wow' that comes when 1 + 1 suddenly > 2   

       - share my enjoyment of ideas I have enjoyed with others who can appreciate them, as otherwise they are just going to sit and go mouldy.   

       Buns means someone (else) dug it like I did. To me that's worth a hell of a lot more than money.
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       Thanks for clarification [dentworth] - still fail to see how there is any similarity whatsoever between the 2 ideas, but thank you.   

       Oh well ... guess differences of opinion are what makes the world go round.   

       {Note to self ... must be an idea in there??}
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009

       The other day on NPR I heard an interview with a woman who produces video tapes for (still alive) rich people that are to be shown on the occasion of their funeral. I've got little luck finding a link, though - maybe someone else remembers details of this? She mentioned a client who always wanted to become an actor, so they hired actors to act with him in a video clip to be shown after his death.
jutta, Jul 07 2009


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