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Guitar tune hot switch

Play guitarr with different tuning, without switching guitars
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(+6, -3)
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This can be achieved with a vibrato device (in the guitar) that can tense or release the strings to any previous set tuning. SO you can -say-

Play led zeppelin "heart braker" and without switching guitar, just adjusting a lever you can play "kashmir" on a different tuning.

No guitar change. You can aslo be creative and play different chords on different parts of a song using different tunings, hot switching between them, in no time.

noyola, May 16 2009

Gibson Robot http://www.gibson.com/robotguitar/
Has DADGAD and several others preset. [tatterdemalion, May 16 2009]

The Hipshot Trilogy bridge http://www.stewmac....Tuning_Bridges.html
(Cheaper than the Gibson.) [angel, May 25 2009]

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       Like it. [+] Individual string auto-tensioners. Although they would need to be disabled once you start to play or else they will be adjusting the tension in response to the string being plucked or whatever.
skegger, May 16 2009

       http:// www.gibson.com /robotguitar/   

       BEAUTYFUL! and so much better that I have tought. A bit expensive, though.
noyola, May 18 2009

       (+) "heartbaker"......   

       It's been 5 years and maybe more
since I first set eyes on you
The best years of my life gone by,
Here I am alone and blue.....
Zimmy, May 18 2009

       [+] I thought that they have stomp boxes that do that already. But it would be good as a mechanical device on the instrument itself if you were playing "unplugged".
Jscotty, May 25 2009

       Per [angel]'s link the Hipshot Trilogy hardware bakes this nicely, is widely known to exist (amongst guitarists I would aver), and has the added advantage of describing the mechanism!.
gnomethang, May 26 2009

       Already exists....
desolationrow, Aug 12 2009


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