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Gun app

Totable and shotable!
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Summer, and the season for scanty clothes. But often these hot weather clothes (and here at BUNGCO we mean ladies clothes, as male BUNGCO employees wear their corduroys year round) lack pockets. Where to store the phone? Tucked into the waistband? The bra? Lashed to an arm? While jogging? People make do the best they can.

And nearly as important in US society, where to store the gun? Now that we are to go about armed, the issue of gun storage is even more pressing. But guns are so unwieldy.

BUNGCO is all about protection of the scantily clad. And rather then some sort of "phone gun" or "phone shaped gun" or "bra pocket for gun" we present the "Gun app!" Gun and phone, both! Clip a small bit of plastic hardware (containing bullets!) onto the top of your phone then stow it wherever you stow it. When its shooting time, pull up the app and blaze away at the baddies. Use of the gun app automaticaly starts the videocamera, so you can record what transpires in case there are questions later, or you are shooting at Bigfoot and it gets away.

Available in pink, and white. Bullets sold separately.

bungston, Jun 19 2013


       maybe with it we can get nice red ribbons that say that we're proud to be listened on by Big Brother?
theircompetitor, Jun 20 2013

       I'm reasonably certain that the NSA has been monitoring the 'bakery since 1995. If I'm correct, I've no doubt that we're in the "harmless but worth keeping tabs on" file.
Alterother, Jun 20 2013


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