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Guns for Zebras

Capture Zebras and put guns on them
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I propose an solar-energy/air powered gun that can be securely attached to the front end of a zebra. It would have a little robot arm with which to pluck stones off of the ground for ammunition. It would be just powerful enough to annoy lions. Zebras would be captured, fitted, trained how to use them, and released.

"How" is so much more fun than "why"
Voice, Jul 16 2008

Total stealth http://www.jimsguns...aCoat_Zebra_adl.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 17 2008]


       I know a little bit about training equines, and some folks I know have engaged in training camels, zebras, etc.   

       Good luck on the zebra training thing. I'd wager it can be done, but I'll watch from outside the corral.
normzone, Jul 16 2008

       sp. / gr. "than"
Custardguts, Jul 16 2008

       // just powerful enough to annoy lions //   

       Do you have any comparative data on the translational velocity of a stone required to "annoy" an otherwise placid and well-fed lion ? Is this a male lion, or a female lion ?   

       If you do not have the data, will you go out into the field (or rather, out onto the Veldt) and collect it ?   

       Can we watch ?
8th of 7, Jul 16 2008

       Who would pay for this, and why? Is the intention to protect Zebras from Lions, or instigate the lions into killing the zebras? How is it "solar/air" powered? Does the solar cell electricity run an air compressor to supply the gun? How will the zebra function normally with 10 square meters of solar cells strapped to its back to provide enough energy to run an air compressor??
Alpharaul, Jul 16 2008

       It doesn't have to be a fast air compressor or a strong tank... just enough for, say five shots. I have no idea who would pay for this. I think a slow air compressor could get by without too much solar cell area...
Voice, Jul 16 2008

       I was thinking about the ability to discourage lions that aren't really hungry. A pack of zebras could do a lot of annoying...
Voice, Jul 16 2008

       Oh hey, it could shoot at poachers too!
daseva, Jul 16 2008

       After the poachers are done with the lions, of course.
shapu, Jul 16 2008

       //Capture Zebras and put guns on them//   

skinflaps, Jul 16 2008

       so, would those zebras not become like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Having a unique ability, envied and scorned by their peers?
afinehowdoyoudo, Jul 17 2008

       After a while, Pavlovian conditioning would mean that the lions would associate the sound of compressors with pain, and would stop attacking tyre depot workers. [+]
coprocephalous, Jul 17 2008

       Is it too much to ask for a zebra with a frickin' solar-powered stone-thrower attached to its head? Riiiiight...
TIB, Jul 17 2008


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