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Gutter pig

Manual Gutter Pig
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Pipelines use pigs to clean the pipeline. I propose the same for gutters, which could be described as half of a pipe. The pig would be dropped in the gutter and a cable attached to each end and draped to the ground like a window blind pull string. You would be able to pull the pig in both directions. The pig's shape would roughly assume the proportions of the gutter, and be small enough to fit under the gutter attaching nails. Each end of the pig would have a wedge cut. The wedge would angle outwards to force debris away from the structure and upwards to push the debris out of the gutter.
Sunstone, Aug 21 2008

Pipeline pig pics http://images.googl...=1&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi
Pipeline cleaning pigs [Sunstone, Aug 21 2008]

Minipig http://www.metro.co...e_id=34&expand=true
No, not minifig - they're lego. [wagster, Aug 21 2008]

Don't let them fill up in the first place Reactive_20guttering
Brazen elf promotion. [coprocephalous, Aug 22 2008]

Gutter Cleaning Robot http://www.hammache...m/publish/74923.asp
This remote-controlled robot is pretty similar in intent and may be more practical in design, It is currently currently available from Hammacher.com (as in Hammacher Schlemmer) for (US)$129.95 Additional battery packs are $39.95 and replacement augers are $14.95. [jurist, Aug 31 2008]

And from iRobot, the people who brought you the Roomba http://www.irobot.com/sp.cfm?pageid=354
iRobot® Looj™ Gutter Cleaning Robots [Klaatu, Aug 31 2008]


       earthworms would work better than pigs.
po, Aug 21 2008

       You would have to use a miniature breed of pig. [link]
wagster, Aug 21 2008

       Could it double as a reservoir dog?
bnip, Aug 22 2008

       If it was made in Germany, would it be a "Schweinhund" , vielleicht ?
8th of 7, Aug 22 2008

       "ermany"? Like goldy or silvery but made of ermine?
DrBob, Aug 22 2008

       I bet you've got a gadget like Egon's PKE Meter that, when you wave it over your computer, its little arms raise if it detects irony.
theleopard, Aug 22 2008

       With a bit of automation, good at keeping pesky chipmunks and squirrels out too!
Bcrosby, Aug 22 2008

       Finally a solution for the gutter punk.
mylodon, Aug 23 2008

       gutteral doggerel
bnip, Aug 23 2008


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