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Don't clean the crud from your gutters. Launch it far off into the backyard.
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It looks rather like a stronger version of normal house gutter systems except for the large A- frame over the house (the pinnacle of the "A" serving as a pivot bar) and the several long arms extending from the gutters up past the pinnacle. On both sides of the house, rain barrels suspended from the roof collect rain and eventually build up enough weight to serve as counterweights. When your gutters are clogged, simply pull a pin from the appropriate side of the house to release the weights and watch as your gutter crud is launched far into the backyard. If your gutters became clogged before the rain barrels have built up enough weight, simply fill them up with the garden hose. Doesn't toss your crud far enough? Try the heavy-duty model, Guttrebuchet.

Best suited for Cape Code style houses. May cause conflict with neighbors if installed on property smaller than recommended size.

swimswim, Sep 27 2011


       Crazy flinging aside, I like the idea of a rain collection apparatus which is mobile separate from the house. A modifiable, modular structure of this sort could be an addon, maybe to facilitate rainwater colection. It could also be placed to supplant / replace built in gutters past the point of repair.   

       From the vantagepoint of the modular gutters it would also be easy to trim the rank weeds growing in the clogged native gutters / harvest fruit from volunteer bushes and trees growing there.
bungston, Sep 27 2011

       I like the name. I like the idea too... but I really like the name.   

       My garden is quite small and would result in the projection of guttercrud into my neighbour's garden.   

       A more compact version is required, without the external A frame or other visible evidence. To be operated during the hours of darkness, possibly on a timer.   

Twizz, Sep 30 2011

       You might consider an arrangement in which your neighbor also sets up a gutterpult and you swap your guttercrud for theirs. Or, if the houses aren't aligned correctly, you may need to plan in two or more neighbors. Crudswapping would make a perfect event for a neighborhood festival, culminating in a feast on the garden foods that were nourished with guttercrud.
swimswim, Sep 30 2011

bungston, May 29 2017


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