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Icicle art guttering

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This is a guttering system for houses. During the balmy summer months (grey and wet summer months if in the UK) your house's guttering is like that of other houses. However, when the possibility of sub-zero temperatures approaches you can replace special sections of guttering with sections from your Icicle Art Guttering kit. The simplest of these has microscopic holes of varying diameter in, such that each will let through a different amount of water and create an icicle of a different length. This might be used, for example, to create an 'arch' of icicles (i.e. a line of icicles, with the outside ones being longer than the inside ones) over an arched window. More complex products are available: a gutter section with a set of holes arranged in a circle results in a large, hollow icicle. The top of the range product is a length of guttering with hundreds of individually addressable holes and a smartphone app to allow you to gradually change the icicle-forming properties of your guttering over time.
hippo, Jul 15 2012

unfortunately this is what we normally get along with severe roof and gutter damage http://www.flickr.c...nrodart/5264390979/
icicles [dentworth, Jul 15 2012]

Some prior icicle art. An_20Enchanted_20Eave
[AusCan531, Jul 15 2012]


       [+] a very pretty picture. You can make the icicles even longer by removing some of the attic insulation.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2012

       I have another idea, make them gargoyles with tiny drain holes that come from the jaw- somewhat hanging out over the gutter, so the icicles can form apart from the roof.
dentworth, Jul 15 2012


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