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Internal gutters and rain can mix
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So, a lot of homes these days are selling for 1$.

On top of that a lot of older homes are selling for just a little bit more. And these older homes have slumped internal gutters or just slumped gutters due to one or more centuries of earthquakes and flood rains shifting the structure.

This is a product consisting of a solar panel, a battery, a pump and a couple hoses that, given enough pooling at input A, propells the lot, out to output B.

It may not save the house. But it may buy a few years.

Drop a gutterpump in your gutter today!

mylodon, Nov 18 2022

TIL: Internal Gutters https://blog.mcelro...rnal-gutter-systems
[a1, Nov 18 2022]

One dollar homes https://dispatchese...abandoned-villages/
[mylodon, Nov 18 2022]

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       Are bad gutters really so expensive to replace and so dangerous for a house?
Voice, Nov 18 2022

       Internal gutters can hold a threateningly Damocles like pool of water over critical structural elements.
mylodon, Nov 18 2022

       This seems pretty simple to do. But where can I find those house listed for 1$ or only slightly more? I could buy those up, improve with a gutter pump, and then flip for an easy profit.
a1, Nov 18 2022

       Why can't you just fix the gutters though?
Loris, Nov 18 2022

       See link. Internal gutters are hard to repair because the roofing material is commonly installed on top of them. That also makes inspection harder. Occupants may not know they have a problem until water is leaking inside, and by then a lot of damage has likely already occurred.   

       Would you buy that for a dollar?
a1, Nov 18 2022

       //Would you buy that for a dollar?//   

       If it means you own the site, and the site is desirable, you could just scrap it all, or at least rip the top off - and build something more sensible.   

       But if the place has centuries of earthquakes to deal with, maybe just live somewhere else.
Loris, Nov 18 2022

       Next time that somebody I know is being a doofus I'm going to say' "Quit being such a Gutterpump."   

       Or if they were being a gutterpump you could say "Quit being such a doofus."
a1, Nov 18 2022


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