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HBPSD - Half-Bakery Post Stress Disorder

The psychiatric condition brought on by too much time posting ideas on the half-bakery
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So, you've just found the demi-tasse in the coffee of life - you're putting your first post on the half-bakery.
After a few weeks, you're checking it every other day, and starting to get the feel for the HB banter and repartee.So you do half-bakery a bit, yeah, you know, but you could stop at any time, right??
After a few months, you're checking it three times a day, and have had at least one attempt to enter a philosphical debate with egnor. A few months more, and you could well be suffering from HBPSD. Here are the ten most obvious signs:

1. The half-bakery recent page is now your home page.
(A serious complication to this, UnaBubba Complex, results in the patient having all of their favorite HB categories in as the only entries in their favorites folder, and an inability to stop breaking into a strange version of Bohemian Rhapsody at the slightest provocation)

2. You've taken to having half a croissant with you're morning coffee, and saving the other half so you can enjoy it later.

3. You're spending more time on the half-bakery than you are doing actual work

4. PeterSealy bakes one of you're posts, and you're not pissed off.

5. You've changed your name to waugsqueke aubsterge, and you're wandering around pretending you're named after a 16th century Belgian philosopher.

6. Whenever you overhear a conversation with anyone about a new idea the have, you have a habit of shouting "Baked!" and rushing over and explaining exactly where they can learn about the person who already thought of it.
(If found in isolation, these symptoms are normally regarded as a strong sign of the patient suffering from PeterSealy Syndrome).

7. Whenever anyone mentions Film Noir, you have a habit of chuckling to yourself in an odd fashion.

8. You start describing your day to your spouse in third person plural conditional past tense. (in extremis this condition can result in a severe form of the disorder, known as "they would have been having waugsqueke apoplexy")

9. You start trying to be funny in business meetings.

10. You believe that you REALLY have invented an anti-gravity device.

And for those of you wantign to know..yes, Ithink that other people would probably say that they would have been thinking that I would have been probably suffering from HBPSD...

goff, Jun 07 2001

sounds like you need to spend some time here... http://www.halfbake...diction_20-_20detox
let the treatment begin. [mihali, Jun 07 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Geek Code http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Geek_20Code
This idea is related to the Geek Code. See my annotation describing "r". [hippo, Jun 07 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Halfbakers Anonymous http://www.halfbake...fbakers_20Anonymous
Partially baked. [hippo, Jun 07 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       The acronym could also mean "half bakery peter sealy disorder"
lewisgirl, Jun 07 2001

       11. Close friends and loved ones start to comment on your increasingly pedantic nature.

[btw, goff, it's "The half-bakery recent page is now your home page", not "...you're home page"]
hippo, Jun 07 2001

       ...and 'your morning coffee', and 'your posts', and where does the Belgian philosopher come in?
angel, Jun 07 2001

       Nowhere in particular - I just think waugsqueke aubsterge sounds liek a 16th century Belgian philosphor, that's all.
I guess I was just a bit too s++ for you there, angel. I was going to do one on pedantary, but thought that everyone would take it as an opporutunity to get into yet another hair-splitting debate. I should have known...
And I should have added Goff Dysphasia, which is the inability to end a sentence without trailing ...
And, just to be pedantic, lewisgirl, I already included a definition for PeterSealy Syndrome.....
goff, Jun 07 2001

       I thought waugsqueke aubsterge was an obscure Canadian village (pop. 23).
Don't we all secretly wish we had PeterSealy syndrome? the satisfaction of either being the first to annotate, or to be able to say 'Baked', showing that you know more about whatever-it-is than the originator. All us newbies aspire in some way to the PS/UB/waugs/gt/egnors of this world (and all the rest, sorry if not included).
lewisgirl, Jun 07 2001

       An illness to which people aspire...is that a first?
beauxeault, Jun 07 2001

       I actually said "Baked" to one of my employees about a week ago.....you should have seen me talk my way out of that one.....
Susen, Jun 07 2001

       Traditionally, these lists are described as "YKYB*TMW..." (You Know You've Been ... Too Much When); most active communities seem to generate such a list. I haven't seen the "*PSD" version; is it an alternate form, or did you just make it up?
egnor, Jun 07 2001

       Okay. Yes. I have this. Thank you for putting still another name to it, goff, but let's cut to the chase: where's the methadone? Huh?   

       God knows I tried beating my addiction. I went as far as investing in scores of random, thinky-type magazines, all of which filled my head with a more culturally acceptable kind of buzz ("Every two miles the average driver makes four hundred observations, forty decisions, and one mistake" - The New Yorker). I tried cocktail parties. I tried herbal tea. All for naught, apparently, because here I am, back among all of you. The life-without-HB wagon is clattering off into the sunset, and I am no longer on board.   

       Screw culture. Screw sanity. Screw sobriety. Pastries for everyone! I'm back!
1percent, Jun 08 2001

       While you've got the 1 iron out, make sure your shoulders are actually squared up, stick out your tush, swing and watch the ball fly with a nice draw to it.
thumbwax, Jun 08 2001

       Oh yes, PS. For weeks. Not for weeks and weeks and weeks, but certainly for weeks.   

       It was hell, and I'm never doing it again ...
1percent, Jun 08 2001


       (by the way, wouldn't "Post Stress Disorder" indicate a disorde that occurs after the stress is gone?)   

       (by they way #2, hopefully God wouldn't help, but hinder, anyone aspiring to be one of us, waug...)
globaltourniquet, Jun 08 2001


       (//After a few months, you're checking it three times a day//   

       Only three?! Ah, but if only it *was* only three.)
PotatoStew, Jun 10 2001

       [globaltourniquet]: Non, monsieur tourniquet! You have also missed the intended pun re 'posting' on half-bakery. As in "(Half-bakery Post) Stress Disorder" as opposed to "(Half-bakery) Post Stress Disorder".
[egnor] yeah I just made it up.
Now about that roll-call, what we need is an AOL style Half-Bakery Buddies feature.....
goff, Jun 11 2001

       Isn't it PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder? In our case it could be TPSD, for traumatic post stress disorder.
sh4linux, Aug 21 2001

       Not all addictions are bad for you.+
xandram, Jul 07 2006

       "You find yourself unable to use a hot air hand dryer without laughing manically"
James Newton, Jul 07 2006

       Recent now home page....half croissant w/coffee......more time on halfbakery than anything else.... Ohmygod...I have this!!!!
the dog's breakfast, Sep 30 2007


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