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Linkable Halfbakery Pun Libraries

Oh, the humority …
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A Halfbakery category that includes" ideas" that contain nothing but puns; cheese puns, custard puns, every damned pun …

Then, when a user posts an idea they can prepend or append #include<CHEESEPUNS.HB> to forestall the inevitable pain and misery by indicating that all possible puns have already been included.

8th of 7, Oct 30 2012


       My cat contends that's not pawsible.
normzone, Oct 30 2012

       You're only posting this because you're no good at puns and you're jealous. Why stop at puns though? Have a complete Library of Standard Encoded Responses (LOSER) so that you can do away with comments altogether and users just post a series of hash tags against the idea.
DrBob, Oct 30 2012

       Ideas like this deserve pun-ishment I think.
pocmloc, Oct 30 2012

       [+] Such a header file might provide a series of #DEFINE macros that automatically replace key words with their pun-equivalents at compile-time, obviating the need for users to have to trawl through on-line word-lists searching for suitable pun-material. Write once, pun-everywhere.
zen_tom, Oct 30 2012

       + I don't see why knot?
xandram, Oct 30 2012

       Would these libraries be o-pun-source?
hippo, Oct 30 2012

       There's an old joke in which the protagonists know each other's jokes by heart. So they just number each one, and when one blurts out, say "17," the other breaks up laughing.
sqeaketh the wheel, Oct 30 2012

       I think the joke is that one old man says "17" and no one laughs and then another old man says "17" and everyone falls about laughing. Someone watching this says to him "How come everyone laughed when you said "17" but not when that other man said it?", to which he replies "Well, it's the way I tell 'em".
hippo, Oct 30 2012

       Well, I fall about everytime somebody says 'eighth'...
Alterother, Oct 30 2012

       Smelly male, play on words?
xenzag, Oct 30 2012

       ... And the one where the new guy comes in, and yells out '32'. Everyone bursts out laughing, because they've never heard that one before.
spidermother, Oct 30 2012

       I've never heard that one before.
pashute, Jul 08 2020

       Can't remember which halfbaker posted this on farcebook but;   

       If you think these puns are bad you should sea mine.   

       Sure it's fine for puns that have already been made, but you can't use a header for something that has never been written. You just won't come out ahead.
Voice, Jul 08 2020


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