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Optimum Idea Placement

Swiss Army method
(+2, -2)
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When writing an idea recently (Pre-censored T-shirts) I observed that there were 2 potential categories: Fashion:T-shirt and Culture:profanity. On surveying the two groupings I observed that ideas in the latter had significantly higher scores than the former. Therefore I chose the latter and did indeed gain a positive rating for my idea.

Further research has shown that careful naming can also pay dividends. For example, putting an idea in health:sexual aid is generally a bad idea, however, even this poor choice can be offset by the generally positive action of incorporating the words "Swiss Army" into your idea.

Therefore, it is wise to perform some research into the naming and placement of your idea in order to to maximise croissant accretion.

Loris, Oct 07 2002

Pre-censored T-shirts http://www.halfbake...censored_20T-shirts
a moderate success by the author (+2 as of writing time) [Loris, Oct 07 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Swiss Army Dildo http://www.halfbake...wiss_20Army_20Dildo
(+20,-4 votes current) (edit - formerly in health:sexual aid) [Loris, Oct 07 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Of course, if you want lots of votes, you should consider not placing ideas in any of the 'halfbakery:' categories, as they don't show up in the default view.
-alx, Oct 07 2002

       drat, foiled again.
Loris, Oct 07 2002

       waits for - Swiss Army Kitty Death Ray Cream Rings.
po, Oct 07 2002

       I'm oddly compelled not to vote on this idea. As I'm dedicated to voting on every idea here at the HalfBakery, I find the resulting conflict deliciously ironic. I think I'll go roll in some dirt until this sorts itself out.
phoenix, Oct 07 2002

       I can tell you I don't give a rat's arse what category an idea is in, and I rarely if ever take notice.
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2002

       ditto, except when they're in the wrong one.   

       Question: is this an idea, or merely an observation?
yamahito, Oct 07 2002

       With the score +1 to -2, I'm voting for...just to keep it even.
phoenix, Oct 08 2002

       I endorse the notion of a many-to-many relationship. More versatile, flexible, etc.
LoriZ, Dec 07 2002


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