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HB Categorical Clock

A clock hidden within the very fabric of the halfbakery
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Here I am, browsing one of the halfbakery clock categories; like most of them, it has about 12 ideas in it -- in fact, exactly 12. One of the ideas has a croissant next to it; another has half a fishbone; the rest are neutral; all pretty normal.

But wait-- Why is the croissant on a different idea now than it was this morning? Did that fishbone just move? Ah, I get it, the croissant is actually an hour hand, and the fishbone is tracking the minutes! Cool! But however, surely I can't go into an idea and vote, then? I mean, if Jutta is forcing all the nonclock numbers to be 0 then the voting must be disabled... that's odd, there do still seem to be "for" and "against" buttons on this idea -- click! Oh, I see, now in addition to the clock hand croissant and fishbone, there's a half-croissant next to the idea I voted for. I guess I'll just have to remember that that's not part of the time, because *that* croissant will never move.

In fact, as the category builds up more and more real votes, I may only be able to get a "sense" of the seasonality of the intrinsic clockwork as I visit the category time and again. But, I will rest comfortably at night knowing the clock is there.

I only dread when the thirteenth idea is posted and the categorical clock is disabled forever.

But look, here's another clock subcategory with only 11 ideas in it! A burgeoning intelligence! O [FarmerJohn], won't you post a newly-developed master clock, that it may prosper as part of the clockface of the new Category?

phundug, Dec 08 2004


       Hey-You talking to me? Are you talking to me? I’m the only one here.
FarmerJohn, Dec 08 2004

       Thanks for annoing, I was getting lonely!
phundug, Dec 08 2004


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