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ideas sortable table

For account ideas-list, search results and category pages
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It would be nice to have a table with
* halfidea name
* category
* date of creation
* halfbaker
* votes
* for / against
* keywords (if the keywords idea is accepted)

You could decide which fields you wanna show, default it shows in the current way.

You could also chose how to sort the table.

pashute, Oct 31 2008

help on views http://www.halfbake...orial/viewhelp.html
[xaviergisz, Oct 31 2008]

For [pashute] http://www.halfbake...:i=:t=For_20Pashute
Think that's got what you've asked for - but check out the link given by [xgz]. [Jinbish, Oct 31 2008]


       I'm pretty sure you can do this already using views.
dbmag9, Oct 31 2008

       what do you mean "views"
pashute, Oct 31 2008

       [+] for the link, thanks [x]
FlyingToaster, Oct 31 2008

       // what do you mean "views"
jutta, Oct 31 2008

       My God, [jutta]'s developed the ability to take people's ideas, go back in time, and integrate them into the halfbakery far, far in advance!   

       That said, I can't imagine a website administrator I'd trust more with a time machine.   

       Also, [pashute], where does your name come from? It sounds like the Hebrew for 'simple', in a cutesy way.
dbmag9, Oct 31 2008

       Sorry Jutta! er... how did everybody know about it. Maybe there could be a link on the Search page (after the Foo-bar you could have a View-bar) and on the main page saying CONFIGURE YOUR HB EXPERIENCE, or a MY HB in the EDIT profile page?
pashute, Nov 03 2008

       pashute - Hebrew: simple, straightforward, unbent.
pashute, Nov 04 2008

       Jutta, its hidden in the "help" section that no one reads. Why not give a link with "Customize" on the main page?
pashute, Nov 06 2012


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