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Halfbakery Stock Exchange

Buy and sell idea stocks and user bonds
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Based on the concept of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (see link).

The œSX would need to be a separate site from the hb, or at least a separate section of the site. As new hb ideas are posted, shares are issued at a set share value. Based on the vote count and mood of annotations, the idea's value will gain or lose depending on demand.

Likewise, bonds issued for each user would change in value based on their ideas and annotations. (Sell GTR.)

No actual money is used. Visitors who join would be assigned a set amount of œSX money to start their portfolio.

Peter or others more knowledgeable on these matters could help me work out the details.

waugsqueke, Feb 06 2002

(?) Hollywood Stock Exchange http://www.hsx.com/about/whatishsx.htm
[waugsqueke, Feb 06 2002]

Teen Trends stock exchange http://www.halfbake...nd_20Stock_20Market
[stupop, Feb 06 2002]


       Well no, not really Peter. The idea is for the œSX players to build up their portfolio. You do that by buying into ideas and users that you think will be popular (or whatever other quality that will cause values to rise). It's influenced by the voting method here, but its function is wholly separate, and idea values do not necessarily represent the same thing as idea votes. So it's not an alternative voting scheme at all.   

       For example, it's entirely possible that an idea or user could be a regarded negatively ("Vagina Jam", GeorgeTheRobin of late), yet still have a high value, using the 'better notorious than neglected' line of thinking.   

       (added) qb, the point is to build a valuable portfolio. It's a game. Check out the HSX link.
waugsqueke, Feb 06 2002

       What is the objective of this? Even if you get all the mechanics worked out, what's the point?
quarterbaker, Feb 06 2002

       Oh I like this. Fantasy halfbakery. I can win the league if Vernon posts somthing this week and UnaBubba is quiet for two days. Oh well, bottom of the league again.
st3f, Feb 06 2002

       Could I short my own ideas, or would that be insider trading?
bristolz, Feb 06 2002

       I was just about to mention the flaw in this when bris's annotation pointed directly at it. I could amass a huge "fortune" by flooding the hb with trollery and shorting each idea the minute I posted it. Not that I would, of course, but it could be done.
beauxeault, Feb 06 2002

       Hm. Yeah, bakers would probably need to be ineligible. There must be some way to work around that, however. Perhaps it could be as simple as not permitting bakers to hold their own shares/bonds.
waugsqueke, Feb 06 2002

       Don't bottle out, waugs. The only people with enough info to play would be halfbakers. Anyone else would just spend time wondering why people were going long on custard.
st3f, Feb 06 2002

       So I get 100 HBux when I join. Idea shares are proportional in cost to the number of criossants divided by the number of fishbones the idea earns (but never less than 1 HBux/share).   

       The idea is to accumulate as many HBux as possible by identifying ideas which you think will be popular, buying shares in them (low) and maybe selling them (high). We'll need some means of paying dividends.   

       This would mean you can't change your vote. It might also make people do a better job of titling and describing their ideas. The person with the most HBux would be lauded as the person who did the best job picking the most-favored (not necessarily the best) ideas.
phoenix, Feb 06 2002

       How do you get around ballot-stuffing though waugs? A quick e-mail on inglybingly could see us make a killing with a flood of early croissants which suddenly turn to fishbones.
DrBob, Feb 06 2002

       "Can I hold preference shares in my own ideas?"
I'd say a person can purchase shares in their own ideas, but only after one other person has voted (call it the opening of the market).

       "What do we do if an idea is derivative?"
Would be treated no differently (Coke/Pepsi)
phoenix, Feb 07 2002

       Got the preference share thing. I said the idea creator doesn't get shares automatically, but can buy them after voting has started. But to your point, there might be greater incentive to post good (or at least popular) ideas if the owner has an investment in the idea from it's inception, so maybe that's the way to go. Or some combination of the two.   

       Didn't get the derivative joke. Sorry.
phoenix, Feb 07 2002

       I think the government should buy all the shares in vagina-jam and nationalise it, to ensure everyone gets the benefit.
pottedstu, Feb 07 2002

       Who would do the accounting? Since Arthur Anderson hasn't demonstrated capability with *real* company value, perhaps they could increase their margins trading 1/2stock; since reality has little effect here at 1/2b.   

       How do we prevent Enron-type disasters? Or should we rather encourage them?
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2002


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