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HB Karma

Combined user score of quality and quantity of ideas.
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Calculate some normalized (percentage?) score for each halfbaker. People get points added for posting ideas, more added when their ideas get crossants, points subtracted when their ideas get fishies. Extra credit for posting lots of ideas (so a half baker who has posted one idea that garners two croissants doesn't have a higer score than another baker who has posted 100 ideas with overall average of perhaps half a crossant.) This score could then be used to decide which ideas other browsing half bakers (with less time than UnaBubba evidently has) would read first.
LeBain, Jan 16 2002


       1/2B is not a competition. Besides, one great, well explained, workable idea is much better than 100 ideas about mobile phones.   

       Have a fishy to reduce your karma.
CoolerKing, Jan 16 2002

       <pre-empt> homophone </pre-empt>   

       <pre-empt> homolog </pre-empt>
beauxeault, Jan 16 2002

       What [CoolerKing] said. And we'd just see people deleting fishboned ideas in order to 'increase their karma'.
phoenix, Jan 16 2002

       You probably should be looking over your shoulder from here on in.
bristolz, Jan 16 2002

       Good thinking [waugsqueke] but how could you keep it stable at room temperature?
DrBob, Jan 16 2002

       No. I don't know what that anno is about (maybe the "imaginary variety?")
bristolz, Jan 17 2002

       Group your halfbakers into efficiency hulls, maximizing number of +'s, minimizing number of -'s, maximizing average and most recent timestamp, maybe a few other things.
LoriZ, Jan 18 2002

       Even seashells?
hippo, Jan 18 2002

       If fishing, see Hulls ("Tying Flies", Random House, 1942).
quarterbaker, Jan 18 2002

       Good doctor, you've clearly misunderstood what I didn't write.
waugsqueke, Jan 18 2002

       It was a good guess though, wasn't it? ;o)
DrBob, Jan 18 2002


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