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HB Tavern

A place for 'bakers to relax
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Near a dark corner on a small street, there sits a small building, a unique building.

Inside are many 'bakers, talking unintelligably (at least, so it seems), talking of Hullabaloons and Panic PIN's and suchlike.

At the bar are unusual foods and drinks, ones never seen before by an outsider, all being from the Food Category of the 'Bakery, produced specially for this one tavern. Strange illustrations adorn the walls, and in the corner of the main room sits a few computers for halkbakery use.

Any newcomers are observed with great curiosity, and although many will leave, some will stay and earn the title of 'baker.

The exact whereabouts of this tavern are unknown, but nonetheless, it exists, if only in imagination.

DesertFox, Nov 29 2005

Taveren Jive http://www.taverenjive.com/
Jive Talkin' Taveren [hidden truths, Nov 29 2005]

'ry Fever _27ry_20Fever
Shameless elf promotion [csea, Nov 30 2005]

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       Food is croissants damnit.
hidden truths, Nov 29 2005

       Croissants definitely served there. They wouldnt dare not serve croissants.
DesertFox, Nov 29 2005

       You could serve fish chowder to go alongside the croissants (it's actually very nice)   

       It sounds like the kind of place I'd like to go. I can imagine a great brass telescope set up by the window and lots of secret compartments hidden in the furniture. Let's not even mention the huge bookcase that seems to encircle the entire bar containing eldritch tomes and the latest thoughts on the mysteries of quantum mechanics.   

       More interesting than all this of course, would be the curious bunch engaged in animated discourse throughout.
zen_tom, Nov 29 2005

       And Thursdays would be "Pirate Line-Dancing Night"
Minimal, Nov 30 2005

       free beer
po, Nov 30 2005

       It should be called The Cull & Skink.
calum, Nov 30 2005

       Maybe name it after a particular idea, the Flocking Road Cone has a nice ring to it.
hidden truths, Nov 30 2005

       what is that scary place in the link?
benfrost, Nov 30 2005

       Could explain why so many posters are blind drunk.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2005

       Just a band I found when googling for "Taveren" Ben.
hidden truths, Nov 30 2005

       Can I get a good bowl of Half Bay Curry? [link]
csea, Nov 30 2005

       Why would anyone need computers for Halkbakery use? Why, indeed, would anyone want to use the Halkbakery? Surely they would want the Halfbakery instead, which presumably they could access using galvanic skin responses.   

       I nominate Ben & Jerry's Halfbaked cookie dough ice cream as the official dessert.   

       Have a bun to eat whilst there.
dbmag9, Nov 30 2005

       The animal. (Unabubba's nightclub).
blissmiss, Nov 30 2005


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