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'ry Fever

(with apologies to John Maesfield)
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I must go down to the 'ry again, to the home of the bone and the bun,
And all I ask is a new idear, and the chance for a bit o' fun,
And the Panic Pin, and the Film Noir Home, and the cry of a newbie's raking,
And the puzzled crease on csea's face, and the bustle of bakers baking.

I must go down to the 'ry again, for the call of the Hullaballoon
Grips me like the Sonic Varminter with Unabubba Collimator's croon;
And all I ask is a half-baked thought, or a vision not too blurry,
And a fresh croissant, or a fishless bone, and a bowl of Half Bay Curry.

I must go down to the 'ry again, to try my hand at baking,
To the siren sound where ideas bound, where trolls are left a-quaking:
And all I ask is to join with thee and keep the 'ry free of ranting,
And allowed therefore to be proud once more of Pyrotechnic Planting.
csea, Nov 16 2004

Half Bays http://www.google.c...ff&q=%22half+bay%22
Lots of Half Bays, perhaps some of them make curry? [csea, Nov 16 2004]

Hullaballoon http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Hullaballoon
mindboggling idea by bristolz [csea, Nov 16 2004]

Sonic Varminter, etc. http://www.halfbake...abubba_20Collimator
yes! [csea, Nov 16 2004]

Pyrotechnic Planting http://www.halfbake...otechnic_20planting
shameless self-promotion [csea, Nov 16 2004]


       I'll admit to this being mostly a vehicle for the possibly bad pun "Half Bay Curry" - but how could this have been missed for all these years? (Or maybe it's been emeffdeed on previous attempts!?)   

       I awoke one day with the phrase in my mind, and could not get it out until I penned this piece of doggerel - thanks for your understanding.
csea, Nov 16 2004

       Notes on performance:   

       Of course "Sonic Varminter with Unabubba Collimator" doesn't scan; but it is one of my favorite ideas, and I had in mind a delivery similar to many an Ogden Nash poem, which often have too many syllables.
csea, Nov 16 2004

       Catchy...+, and I don't usually like songs, cept bubbalyrics.
blissmiss, Nov 16 2004


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