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HB Theatre

Selected posts and their list of annotations are played out on stage by actors or us or both.
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With random props and interactions to accompany the wordage, some might be fun and funny to carry out.
daseva, Jun 25 2010

oh yes! Film_20Noir_20Home
[po, Jun 25 2010]

oh, god - yes! The_20Pangs_20Of_20Aphasia
[po, Jun 25 2010]

Ben Frost does halfbakery. http://www.youtube....ost+halfbakery&aq=f
Baked! [DrBob, Jun 26 2010]


       "Whose idea is it anyway ?"   

8th of 7, Jun 25 2010

       ...such as the classic "Evil laugh activated hand dryer" mime act.
hippo, Jun 25 2010

       Why only selected posts?
pocmloc, Jun 25 2010

       Because the "Vagina Jam" episode of "How It's Made" has been banned in almost all parts of the civilsed world (q.v.), and in many locales the producers have been sentenced to death in their absence.   

       Does that answer your question ?
8th of 7, Jun 25 2010

       +++ cool (looking for CATS in Trebuchets)
xandram, Jun 28 2010

       I'll have what [po]'s having.
pertinax, Jun 28 2010

       oops, sorry about that.
po, Jun 28 2010

       To lend the appropriate tone, I'd have all members of the cast voiced by Groucho Marx.
zen_tom, Jun 28 2010

       In that case, you must make sure that their contracts include a Sanity Clause.   

       <Harpo Marx>   

       "Honk ! Honk !"   

       </Harpo Marx>
8th of 7, Jun 28 2010

       [zen_tom] //all members of the cast voiced by Groucho Marx// *All* of them? You're not Barry Cryer, by any chance ?
mouseposture, Jun 28 2010


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