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HB on other Sites

MFD, by me, Shirley
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Has anybody knowledge of, does anybody recall, Halfbakery stuff on another site through the early years? Various people have mentioned this but could not remember where or what it was called. Not a general review of this site but... perhaps a blog, or some other site?
whatrock, Mar 25 2021

Why?... http://whynot.net/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 25 2021]


       I first joined the bakery on the day Microsoft had it as it's "Site of the Day", referencing "Flocking Street Cones", and I think maybe "Film Noir House". Not sure about those, but you get the drift.
blissmiss, Mar 25 2021

       You mean Krelnik's Guide to the HB?
21 Quest, Mar 25 2021

       some years ago someone said one of my ideas (seed bullets) made it to the front page of Reddit. That's all I can recall. There has been noise about patent applications referencing the half bakery. What kind of thing are you looking for, Shirley?
Voice, Mar 25 2021

       There used to be an off-HB chat site, I think was called Overbaked and I wanna say it was a Yahoo group (back when those were a thing). Never checked it out though. Is that what you're thinking?   

       Actually thinking more about it, I believe it was on a site called Multiply.
tatterdemalion, Mar 25 2021

       Could it be inglybinglydingly? I think they have (had?) a Yahoo Group.
Canuck, Mar 25 2021

       There was a Multiply group, and a Yahoo! group as well
hippo, Mar 25 2021

CARK (not sure where it was held?)
UnaBubba, Mar 25 2021

       CARK was a yahoo group as well. Then there was the myspace ring also.
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2021

       I miss multiply that was fun!
xandram, Mar 25 2021

       I miss Yahoo chat, some of their groups weren't bad either.
Skewed, Mar 25 2021

       It's a shame there was never a Halfbakery Usenet newsgroup
hippo, Mar 25 2021

       A slack might be fun - it's what all the cool kids are into these days, or so I'm led to believe. And on the subject of what the cool kids are into, does anyone know what a "discord" is all about? That and twitch (and probably a thousand other things) completely passed me by. I'm guessing it's all just IRC or ICQ but for the cool dudes and homestar runners.
zen_tom, Mar 25 2021

       People here at work use Slack, but I've never got into it. My kids use Discord but I don't know what it is...
hippo, Mar 25 2021

       //anyone know what a "discord" is//   

       Useful for gaming when you've a raid or similar, gives the MC a way into your brain that doesn't require the eyes you need for the job in hand, I don't rate it much beyond that & it doesn't really do anything you couldn't have done with yahoo voice chat a decade or more b4 anyway .. can't help but feel Yahoo became the new Xerox somewhere along the way.   

       //completely passed me by//   

       [Reaches across to turn tape over] I've never got the hang of these new fangled 8 tracks so you're .. [pauses to consider next words] .. in company there.
Skewed, Mar 25 2021

       //completely passed me by//   

       Became a dad. Tada. Priorities in place, zen, as always. :>)
blissmiss, Mar 25 2021

       Thanks [Skewed] I've heard discord bandied about, but never looked it up. You want to get one of those new fangled "auto-reverse" machines, saves you actually turning the tape over, amazing what they come up with these days. Honestly though, I love a cassette, I just feel slightly anxious that my 30 year-old player is likely to eat it each time I press play.   

       I do also remember going round a friend's house after school and watching them as they chatted to people on their CB radio - which felt super-cool.   

       [bliss] after they arrived, I don't think there was much choice!   

       [hippo] one of my boys is having regular Animal Crossing dates with his schoolmates, It seems to be a kind of design-em-up, where each player decorates their house, and then invites one another over to talk about the interiors of their houses. I did design a crazy wallpaper once under his instruction, but have to admit, I'm slightly bemused by the whole thing.
zen_tom, Mar 25 2021

       Probably 5 years ago while Googling some half-assed wannabe invention of mine I saw a website where people were discussing ideas from another website, that one being the halfbakery. The reading portion was formatted similar to an outline where there was a main thread and the replies were indented, with replies to replies further indented, etc so you could see who was replying to what. The tone was casual, coloring was limited to two or three (perhaps just red here and there) and I wish I could remember more but I was probably really tired. Or drunk. Or tired and drunk. Or, well   

       Anyway, a few days later I ended up here.
whatrock, Mar 25 2021

       I'm not sure if it's still extant, but there was a webpage from somebody - presumably a member at the time - which had a few pics and bios/comments from (iirc) 5-6 auldsters, including our illustrious Borg, who looked as advertised... not much Wally that I could see, but military uniform, medium height, stocky (didn't look like he'd have trouble getting into or out of a tank, but I've never gotten into or out of a tank myself, so whatever), oh and he had hair at the time (balding is in the eye of the hat-holder, I guess. Personally, I'm getting karma from the number of bald jokes I've made over the years, as my mop quickly thins out of existence).
FlyingToaster, Mar 25 2021

       Anyone remember the "serious halfbakery" site that was way too similar to this one? It had like lightbulbs for voting or something.
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2021

       Whynot.net [link]   

       //Animal Crossing//   

       That's Second Life for kids isn't it, more a happy space than a game.
Skewed, Mar 25 2021

       //Or drunk. Or tired and drunk.// At least you didn't end up locked in a trunk. That would be dire.
AusCan531, Mar 26 2021

       //Anyone remember the "serious halfbakery" site that was way too similar to this one?// - some of these are in the 'links' section, in 'meta' over there on the left <<===
hippo, Mar 26 2021


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