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HB In Xtrax

Halfbakery mentioned int he Xtrax Magazine.
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For those of you who don't know, Xtrax is a radio content magazine, and on the 20th Dec. the Halfbakery was mentioned. The name chacked ideas were Anti-flatulance pills, dental tattoos, and freeze dried beer. It's not the front page, but http://www.halfbakery.com has been broadcast all around British radio.
[ sctld ], Dec 22 2001


       not my aroma buster idea was it? I hope not.
arora, Dec 22 2001

       Might bring some new members. I found the HB after it was mentioned in the Weird Web paragraph in the Earthlink Weekly Email Newsletter.
TeaTotal, Dec 22 2001

       I heard about HB from a colleague who read about it in The Daily Mirror, it was the web site of the week . The idea listed was "Custard filled speed bumps"
arora, Dec 22 2001

       There goes the neighborhood...
beauxeault, Dec 22 2001

       Now, now. Plenty of room in the pool. We can weed out the floaters later.   

       BTW, I've recently seen an ad on T.V. for dental tatoos for children ("They brush right off!").
phoenix, Dec 23 2001

       I didn't know about this one, but there's a request for a radio interview about once or twice a year, always for some sort of "found on the web" variety show. The "halfbakery interview with jutta" format seems to be (1) banter about my German accent; (2) unsatisfying answer to how this got started or makes money (it doesn't); (3) the hosts look superficially at some part of the site, pick out some idea names, and I explain to them what the ideas are. This isn't deep, it's just meant to be entertaining, and once we get past parts (1) and (2) listeners are badly in need of entertainment.   

       The worst one of those was on a talk show in San Francisco. The halfbakery segment followed two guys who were burping Christmas carols, if I remember correctly. Compared to burping Chrismas carols, the halfbakery is just not very good radio.
jutta, Dec 23 2001

       The subject mentioned in the Weird Web article was about toilets.
TeaTotal, Dec 23 2001

       I ended up here after the NPR interview that compared HB to The Onion and pointed out the merits of HB as an interactive forum (as opposed to Onion that just hands it to you preprocessed...)
mwburden, Dec 27 2001


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