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HUMPty Dumpty

Artificial "companion" for male cats.
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HUMPty Dumpty is a stuffed animal shaped so that no matter which way it lays, it is in the perfect position for the "tom" to have simulated intercourse with. It would have to be machine washable, and have an indention in the rear end to catch any body fluids released. Imagine a rolled-up towel with 4 stabilizing "ears" at one end (to keep it from rolling side to side), and an depression at the other end.
copycat042, Mar 05 2008


       ..and for the dog, a fake leg?   

       [moved to category]
skinflaps, Mar 05 2008

       hehe, there's a category.
marklar, Mar 05 2008

       make sure the tortoise is securely bedded down.
po, Mar 05 2008

       The De Luxe model has authentic purring sounds.
hippo, Mar 05 2008

       Take it from me that male cats, even neutered ones like mine, will attempt to shag anything furry, even sans indentations and stabilizers. Including each other.
angel, Mar 05 2008

       //hehe, there's a category.//   

       Yeah, I was a bit surprised, maybe we should fill it out a bit.
skinflaps, Mar 05 2008

       The HUMPty part is ok, it's the DUMPty part that worries me.
marklar, Mar 05 2008


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