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Model Dog Man

Dietary stare steps
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Studies show that women eat fewer calories while eating in front of attractive men. Studies also show that most dogs can be trained to beg for food.

Here we have a dietary aid: a mask of a two-legged male model, suit, possibly wig, in sizes and shapes appropriately emphasizing the strong jaw line, animal magnetism etc. of your type of dog.

Symbiotically, studies also show that men eat more in front of women, thus providing a gratifying rationale for the oversized morsels her "man" gobbles up from the floor.

4and20, Jun 18 2013

Women eat less http://abcnews.go.c...666081#.UcAxkErU2t8
No, I didn't read it either [4and20, Jun 18 2013]


       +1 for whimsy.   

       //Studies also show that most dogs can be trained to beg for food.// Studies show that dogs can be trained, or specifically that they can be trained to beg for food? The latter sounds like a rather uninspired PhD (but still better than most PhDs).
swimswim, Jun 18 2013


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