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Hackathon Hotel

A hotel for techies to stay at to create software and applications
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Hackathons are when a large group of techies come together and organise into teams and build a piece of software in 24 hours.

The goal is to produce the best product in under 24 hours.

I propose a hotel which always has a hackathon going on and there's a place to crash when the hackathon is over.

This could be a newly constructed hotel (lots of capital needed) or an existing hotel with an agreement to use their facilities.

The resulting software could be turned into startups.

chronological, Nov 09 2020


       I've seen a few apartment listings in San Francisco that offer "free rent in exchange for you joining our startup and working for equity". A foolish deal. A good startup is basically 50% cult, 50% scam. The "cult" part is a "changing the world" altruism to get people to work a lot of overtime for below market rate compensation. The "scam" part is using existing technology to monopolize an industry and using venture capital money to ensure the monopolization attempt is successful. A highly dubious game to play, but if somebody is 50% David Koresh and 50% Leon Trotsky then perhaps they can make it work. If a "startup" is attempting to do research or develop something non-existent then something has gone wrong. For comparison, the Wright Brothers developed the airplane working more or less alone and entirely self-funded at a bicycle shop and a cow field.
sninctown, Nov 09 2020

       // a place to crash //   

       That will be dealt with by your exception-handler code, shirley ?
8th of 7, Nov 09 2020

       Don't call me Shirley.
chronological, Nov 09 2020


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