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High level intellectual task pattern matching and aggregation

On a computer what you are doing can be broken down into events, such as "compose new email", "query intranet system", "copy paste from intranet to spreadsheet" "copy result of spreadsheet into email" "send email" these events could have patterns such as working down a list of items in an intranet or spreadsheet (like when you drag down a formula in excel) these work items could be aggregated to detect similar work of other people so your work could do work for other people.
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I am still annoyed that customer service is so bad. I feel that computers can handle billions and petabytes of information. And people's underlying activities or processes is not that much different. The intellectual effort of deciding how to process information can be done once and aggregated with other people who have the same needs. In other words, we can aggregate work together and have one person do the work that satisfies multiple people's cases at the same time.

Generally speaking, you need to change your address with every company when you move. Some companies have self service portals or account login when you can change your address.

Think of an average user using a GUI generates lots of events that can be summarised as a general activity with parameters, so like macro recording in Notepad++ and vim, we can automate people's jobs to aggregate and combine work items over many people.

World wide administration could be aggregated and combined into one task that is parameterized. So rather than working against one item or one case it works against billions of cases.

It can all be done automatically too!

A frequently asked question or tutorial is a perfect example of what could be represented with pattern matching.

If anyone has used selenium, you know how brittle it is. If GUIs and command lines generated events for what the general meaning behind what they're doing, you could use complex event processing to capture intention of the user and change the event stream to be applicable to different parameters.

For example, if I query something on the intranet or ERP system using information from an email, or phonecall that information of the query should be available to the event stream for aggregation. And that information can be changed to match someone else's request. You could integrate copy paste source destination tracking in operating systems

My computer should know the information came from my office phone that a customer said and that I am transcribing it based on timestamps.

This is a big data problem.

Most systems are separate and require data to go to them and from then. An average corporation has many different separate digital systems. But all systems have a GUI or command line and you know if this window is used and what widget is being clicked.

The problem with this idea is how to do the pattern matching of people that are yet to represent their intent.

So how do you raise a record of people that want to change their address. Or do some research for a product?

Many websites have chat bots. These could be used to register intent to do something. I could be a customer and I say "I want to change my address from <previous address> to <new address>"

The steps that a person in the corporation could record the steps and events to change a customer's address on all the different systems it needs to be changed and then replay that steps with a different customer details.

chronological, May 11 2022


       So instead of moving my mouse ointer to the "for" link, and clicking on it, the system predicts that I intended to do that, and uses some-one else's mouse pointer movement and clicking action? Thus saving me making those movements?   

       <slightly worried> So by typing this annotation my keypresses are being used to type someone else's personal emails? What if I make a typpo?
pocmloc, May 11 2022

       //If anyone has used selenium, you know how brittle it is//
I think the person whose steps you used to write this was also writing something else.
Re: the idea; so, basically, "live" macros for everything? You will spend more time finding the right "existing" solution than actually doing the work yourself.
neutrinos_shadow, May 11 2022

       ^ (+)   

       Begin Macro record> Beat heart at 60 bpm. Breathe in. Breathe out. <//End Macro record>   

       That was easy.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2022

       ... unless your macro playback is single- threaded.
pertinax, May 12 2022

       //60 beats per minute// I nearly passed out running. I want a refund.
Voice, May 12 2022

       Running was not included in the macro.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2022

       Years ago, someone wrote a program for Windows which would record absolutely everything you did and play it back again. I think it probably had a scripting feature as well.   

       In *nix, the methods for doing this are probably more or less infinite.
4and20, May 13 2022


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