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Guided web browsing

A computer program programmed with questions of life
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original title: Aspects of life consideration

A computer program that prompts you for an opinion on a random subject.

Topics could be cleaning, pensions, how to defeather a chicken, how often to shower, how to start a company, how to implement an app, how to be a millionaire, how to be a business owner.

You can answer through a set of pre-specified answers such as:

> I don't want to see this

> I want more of this

> I agree with this

> I disagree with this

> I want to _do_ this.

> I have expertise on this.

Everyone's answers forms part of a web lkike a mesh of answers of likes and dislikes. Agreements and disagreements. People who like the same things are matched up so you find things closer to what you like.

Think of it as Wikipedia's Random article on steroids, except you can actually action on the data you have seen.

"I want to do this" takes you through to another system which is about carrying out some activity. (See Life subscriptions, All Smiles)

chronological, Apr 10 2020

Cantor https://en.m.wikipe...s_diagonal_argument
[pertinax, Apr 10 2020]

Curry's paradox https://en.wikipedi...i/Curry%27s_paradox
Exposes flawed logic [8th of 7, Apr 10 2020]

StumbleUpon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StumbleUpon
Wikipedia page found with Google. [Skewed, Apr 11 2020]


       42 (the ultimate answer)
Sgt Teacup, Apr 10 2020

       Georg Cantor has suggested some important questions which this system can't answer, notably, "What if we don't like the direction in which this system us taking us?"
pertinax, Apr 10 2020

       And how do you go about it? Enumerating all the possible images that a computer screen or your eyes will ever make out, is trivial with a simple loop to loop over all leters and their combinations. Yet, not practical.
Mindey, Apr 10 2020

       I want to like this one.
tatterdemalion, Apr 10 2020

       Mindey, you can use Wikipedia as a source for topics.
chronological, Apr 10 2020

       How does this system handle Curry's paradox ?
8th of 7, Apr 10 2020

       That's not a paradox. The sentence is not true.
pocmloc, Apr 10 2020

       // "A computer program programmed with every possible question of life"   

       EVERY POSSIBLE QUESTION OF LIFE? Do you realize what you just said? Don't annoy me. From combinatorial perspective, this sounds like a nightmare. Given all possible Qs, your optimizer will crash digging all possible computational universes.   

       Suggestion: stop using unconstrained universal quantification. If you use universal quantification, specify the sets carefully, think what's pragmatic. Make titles feel like actual things, not some fleeting thought, that you just had, -- be creative in naming things.   

       Halfbakery is not a trashcan for your fleeting thoughts...   

       // "this is the HB, where you lovingly craft a tiny little nugget of (what you believe to be) original thought, and offer it up for annotation like a master chef throwing an hors dourve into a sackful of hyenas."   

       -- lostdog, explaining how this place works.
Mindey, Apr 10 2020

       //You can answer through a set of pre-specified answers//   

       So multiple choice then.   

       //Everyone's answers forms part of a web lkike a mesh of answers of likes and dislikes//   

       //People who like the same things are matched up//   

       So a dating sites matchmaking algorithm.   

       //so you find things closer to what you like//   

       Pretty baked, online advertising does this to target adverts & some search engines use it to refine searches.   

       They just use cookies instead of an overt questionnaire.
Skewed, Apr 10 2020

       There's no system like this today. I cannot go to a website and be exposed to some thing and asked for my view on it.   

       I removed every possible to make Mindey happy.
chronological, Apr 10 2020

       //There's no system like this today//   

       Perhaps not an overt one no, they use cookies rather than a questionnaire but qualitatively it's much the same thing.
Skewed, Apr 10 2020

       Think of it as guided web browsing
chronological, Apr 10 2020

       Ah yes, perfect for your Telescreen. Even the Inner Party need to be told what to think at times ...
8th of 7, Apr 10 2020

       Possibly has some value for those who don't want to accept cookies, though that's perhaps a bit niche in today's world.
Skewed, Apr 10 2020

       Did anyone remember StumbleUpon?   

       It's a bit like that idea but more interactive.   

       They couldn't monetize it, I guess that's why they became mix.com....and it's terrible now.
chronological, Apr 11 2020

       Never heard of it, but Google has <link>
Skewed, Apr 11 2020

       What people believe and what is true are sadly sometimes not the same.
sninctown, Apr 11 2020

       // sometimes //   

       Sp. "rarely"
8th of 7, Apr 11 2020


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