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Large Hadron Collider as marathon circuit
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THE LHC is 27km in circumference, so could be around 1 1/2 laps to run. It'd be nice to have an above-ground finish but I don't think there is a gentle enough incline to the surface, and taking the stairs would be pretty unusual in a marathon.

Once I learned that the tunnels are only 3.8m wide and full of large ducts then this idea rapidly downscaled in ambition from the Hadry 500 through Isle of Hadron TT and Tour de Hadron to its final form as a running race.

oscil8, May 13 2012

Thames Water Ring Main http://en.wikipedia...mes_Water_Ring_Main
[hippo, May 16 2012]


       It could be fun, but only if it was being used as a particle collider at the same time...
erenjay, May 13 2012

       ....with Tron bikes.
RayfordSteele, May 13 2012

       The constriction of the tunnels could be overcome by organizing the race rally-style, with runners starting at regular intervals.
Alterother, May 13 2012

       If I managed to run that far (assuming I avoided collisions, which seem unlikely given the name of the place) I'd be hadrosaur in the morning.
AusCan531, May 13 2012

       When the beam's live, it gets quite warm in the tunnels. Not ideal for running.
8th of 7, May 13 2012

       // When the beam's live //   

       So, like, for three or four minutes every six months? Plenty of time to run the race between breakdowns.   

       I know it runs much more than that, I'm just kidding. Actually, Jenny and I are avid LHC-watchers.
Alterother, May 13 2012

       //....with Tron bikes.//   

       With sustained nuclear fission stair lifts.
skinflaps, May 13 2012

       I had no idea the LHC was full of large ducks.
UnaBubba, May 14 2012

       They're camouflaged and very hard to spot, you have to be peking in the right places
oscil8, May 14 2012

       UB didn't hear the quarking.
po, May 14 2012

       //I had no idea the LHC was full of large ducks.   

       It would certainly be more interesting to see the result of colliding two small rubber ducks at near light speed. Presumably they couldn't get the funding for that and had to stick to colliding boring old particles instead..   

       Alternatively the ducks might just be a blind and it might really be the Large Halibut Collider..
not_morrison_rm, May 14 2012

       To make it work as designed, half the runners should set off clockwise, and the other half anti-clockwise, and get all the media to camp out halfway round to capture all the exciting collisions.
zen_tom, May 14 2012

       Two teams run in opposite directions. When collisions occur, ......
sqeaketh the wheel, May 16 2012

       Even better would be the Thames Water Ring Main (see link) - 80km of 2.54m pipes.
hippo, May 16 2012

       This idea actually made me lol
EdwinBakery, May 16 2012


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