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WWF style Total Anarchy New York City Marathon

For REAL runners.
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I want to jazz up te NYC Marathon a bit. First of all, they should have all the top racers trash talking each other like before a wresting match. Then they should do away with this notion of a "race course." On the morning of the race they pick two random points about 26 Miles apart and let the racers figure it out! Also, they should **not** stop traffic or anything like that! Deal with the cars people! Run over them if you have to, dodge buses and try to cut through people?s houses. Do what you must to win.

Yes, it will be chaos with legs, 1000s of knobby kneeed runners legs in fact.

Also, each runner will be permitted to find one friend who would stand at the finish line and attempt to block all the other runners from getting over it. Tackles and shoving are acceptble.

So marathon running will be the new national passtime. And much more fun to watch.

futurebird, Apr 27 2002

The Naked Mile http://www.phdtop.com/run99/
An annual University of Michigan event [phoenix, Apr 29 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       You forgot the rule about the runners. In order to bake this properly, it would be important that they aren't allowed to use vehicles of any kind. Perhaps that goes without saying.... I'm for it.
globaltourniquet, Apr 27 2002

       (I had a feeling she had been gone a while, but since I only just came back, I wasn't sure and didn't want to look like an idiot by saying --)   

       Hey, welcome back.
globaltourniquet, Apr 27 2002

       Don't your runners dress up in mad costumes then? Our serious runners obviously don't but lots run for charity - London Marathon - dressed as all sorts. This year some guy was dressed in full deep-sea diving gear complete with oxygen/air-cylinders - he completed the course in about a week. someone will complete the full details.
po, Apr 28 2002

       I'm not sure the world is ready for the WWF Marathon version you're proposing, but you bring up more than one good point, futurebird. The one I've always wondered about is why don't they make marathons "as the futurebird flies"? That is, set a destination 26 miles away from the start point by straight rule, then allow the contestants to run that distance without assistance by which ever route they they deem most effective. Seems to me that this contest would introduce a new bit of competitive brain to the brawn race that would make it just a bit more like the races we all run in daily work-a-day real life.   

       I'll gladly add my croissant if you'll take out the inducements for violence, Futurebird. I think you've got a good thing here.
jurist, Apr 28 2002

       Also, for that triathlon effect, they should close the bridges and make them swim.
pottedstu, Apr 28 2002

       A streaker marathon might generate a big public turnout . . . or maybe not, all that flapping and flailing.
FarmerJohn, Apr 29 2002

       Angry mob of customed people run across town like a force of nature. Now, that is entertainment! Mobathon Rules! What would be more fun is to have two groups of them collide in somewhere middle of course and ask contestant to get one of other team's id while trying to keep his/her own in order to continue.
bing, Apr 29 2002

       Call it the 'Cannonball Run'?
phoenix, Apr 29 2002

       //A streaker marathon might generate a big public turnout . . . or maybe not, all that flapping and flailing.//   

       The "Naked Mile" (an annual tradition at Michigan State just before graduation) regularly draws about 10x as many spectators (mostly middle aged men) as participants...
mwburden, Apr 30 2002

       So they finally jazzed it up huh?
CaptainWes, May 02 2004


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