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Hair Care Cam

One web cam on an arm is better than two eyes in the back of the head.
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I would think a lot of people, especially women, are doing things with their hair, such as trimming, dyeing and rolling, by themselves. To manage this on the sides and back of the head with a mirror requires skill and some guessing. Ideally an extra mirror on a boom to let it hang beside or behind the head would simplify the task, but the view would be limited and it is surely baked already.

On the other hand, a web cam on a folding arm, mounted above the mirror, could be pulled out and aimed at any angle, at the head. The mirror, covered by a usually transparent LCD, would then show full, unobstructed views of the hair and both hands.

FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2002


       Yes, but then you could not see the front reflected out of the normal mirror. Perhaps a split screen, one just showing a normal mirror view, and one showing the LCD.
sab8823, Jan 07 2006


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