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Get your haircuts delivered to your home or place of business
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Many of us have seen those groomers that drive around in vans or RV's and pick up pets to give them haircuts, baths, whatever. This saves invaluable time, as the owner just has to make an appointment instead of driving across town. I propose that we adapt this idea to people. A vehicle with the proper equipment could perform most of the tasks available at a salon, with none of the hassle.
nizgy16, Mar 19 2002


       Hairdressers have been going to peoples' houses for years as far as I'm aware. Baked.
mcscotland, Mar 19 2002

       yep. baked to a crisp.
po, Mar 19 2002

       but do hairdressers show up at your house or work in a fully outfitted vehicle with pump up salon chair, sink and all that?   

       When I was a kid we had a dentist that came through town once a year in a specially outfitted RV, same idea.
rbl, Mar 19 2002

       give us a smile rbl, are they your own?
po, Mar 19 2002

       Why don't we just figure out why we grow hair when we don't want it? I mean, one part of your body grows hair, another cuts it off... It's like something in a Dr. Seuss book. Enough already.
Ander, Sep 17 2003


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