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Knee Beards

Shave your legs...
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...and leave a soul patch below each patella, maybe a fu-manchu if you can wear shorts year round to allow it grow.
Giblet, Mar 14 2008

The Date http://www.cartoons...lowres/abrn160l.jpg
[Amos Kito, Mar 15 2008]

one can always use fake hair stockings if desired http://www.moosebur...ed%20tights%201.jpg
[xandram, Mar 19 2008]

..or full body beard..eww http://olla.raggoz....y_man%20(WinCE).jpg
[xandram, Mar 19 2008]


       I freakin' love Fu Manchu, dude... [+]
david_scothern, Mar 15 2008

       Most, most excellent +
xenzag, Mar 15 2008

       I'll give you a knee-bun, but I wouldn't don this style. (thinks about braids)
xandram, Mar 15 2008

       lol david. Glad you noticed my drunken posting spree.
Giblet, Mar 15 2008

       we all did.
po, Mar 15 2008

       I really don't ever want to see anyone with knee beards, but I bet it would be popular. Drink up, [Giblet]. [+]
baconbrain, Mar 16 2008

       ...not by the hair on my shinny shin shin.   

       This only works if you have especially dark and profuse knee hair. Otherwise, it'd be rather hard to notice!
qt75rx1, Mar 16 2008

       Imagine what it would look like if you skinned your knee! Ugh!
Jscotty, Mar 19 2008

       Soul patches on one's face are bad enough.
sninctown, Mar 20 2008


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