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Scary hairy clippery things...I just wanted to say that...
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Came about from a typo of hairclippers and got me thinking - Hari Krishna dedicated hair products. I'll admit - I know very little of the Hari Krishna faith (I tried to research it in the five minutes I spent thinking about this, but google was surprisingly less than helpful), but from what I've seen they have distinctive 'hairstyles'.

So let's target them as consumers - hair clippers with a built in modulator of some sort, that converts the continuous drone of clippers to a Hari Krishna chant. Or just a speaker that does the same thing, but modulators sound more half-baked...

It could come blessed by a priest/higher member/etc of the faith (if they do that...) and all proceeds would go towards helping the religion grow.

inc_b, Nov 05 2003


       I could imagine airport security go nuts over these ...   

       "You have one of those Krishna folks in your luggage?"   

       "uuh -- No sir."   

       And then a cavity search ensues ... [+] for creativity!
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       On second thought, the airport staff might beat-up your luggage more than usual, but to the rythm of those annoying Krishna chants ... make sure to include the obligatory tambourine.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       The tambourine could be the lid for a gel container...I really only annotated so I could try spelling tambourine...it's one of those horrid words that never looks right - but it's fun to spell! Don't worry, I'm slowly destroying myself as we speak...
inc_b, Nov 05 2003

       Thanks for the spelling help, [inc]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 05 2003

       Since you have opened the Pandora’s box that is typo-inspired hair clipper-related inventions, how about hare clippers - for untidy wild rabbit-like creatures. These would be mounted on small poles dotted around the countryside and available for de-tufting free at the point of use. Now what sort of regular motion do hares exhibit which we could tap into in order to power the clippers, hmmm?
dobtabulous, Nov 06 2003

       most Hari Krishna type people i've seen don't got no hair.
pjd, Nov 06 2003

       not Hari-Kari then!
po, Nov 06 2003

       Hari-Kari clippers...it's a small sword and a big bandage...
inc_b, Nov 06 2003

       Its Hare-Krishna .. (pronounced Ha-ray Krishna) ... not Hari (Hurry Krishna).
riskyrisk, Nov 06 2003

       As far as I could find, both spellings are used (although they may refer to different religions) - the Hare-Krishna spelling is more common, but doesn't fit the typo I had as well. I'd like to change it, but it just won't fit as well (On a side note, I pronounce Hari as Ha-rei/ray as [riskyrisk] noted...it never occured to me to pronounce it any other way...)
inc_b, Nov 09 2003


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