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The Hairp is a decorative yet functional accoutrement for people with long hair and a musical bent. (Pause for pun.)

It consists of a small V-shaped frame, about 4 inches on a side.

To use, simply wrap one strand of hair around each of the 88 teeny posts running along one arm of the V, and then feed the free end of each hair into the corresponding hole in each of the 88 teeny keys on the other arm.

Take a few moments to tune up and - gadulka! - you are now a Hairpist.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2011

Suggested by the inadvertent cross-reading of: Harpiano
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2011]

...and: Knitted_20Hair_20Underwear
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2011]

Telyn rawn http://www.telynrawn.org/
[pocmloc, Jul 03 2011]


       I think 88 strings each of one strand will prove impractical.   

       Make this device to have just 10 strings each of perhaps 20 to 30 strands of hair twisted together; construct it so it is firmly attached to a hat-shaped frame; and I'll start growing mine.
pocmloc, Jul 03 2011

       //I think 88 strings each of one strand will prove impractical. //   

       You say that like it's a bad thing. Also, regarding the link to a Welsh horsehair-strung harp: the fact that it sounds awful is probably nothing to do with the use of hair, and everything to do with the fact that it's Welsh.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 03 2011

       I think you can get cream for this - or an anti-biotic at least.
po, Jul 04 2011

       Well there goes that idea...   

       The subtitle is gold.
Voice, Nov 01 2023


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