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Hard Drive Guitar

Your guitar sounds like a symphony - Karen Carpenter
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Two computer hard drive cases are cracked open and the two chassis holding the shiny discs are mounted on a guitar above and parallel to the strings in that lower eight inch pick-up area.

Light interference between the two discs, strings and optical pickups set up an ******** image using a light turbine technique and produce multiple sounds.

Strings are played with a three-phase electrical device I designed/tested this week that don't touch the strings. The frets are selected by old Lexicon printerhead assemblies, (steel rods and belt drive along the neck), which read pulses from a stretched piece of photograhic film.

Weight is a problem so everything has to be drilled full of holes to some extent.

It's a concept piece, fitting the electro-mechanical parts onto the guitar in different positions until they find a synergistic position. Like the hard drives, I never would have thought that they fit exactly where the mag pickups used to be. In a leaps and bounds design like this, sound will be hooked up last. The guitar was mounted in a four foot by fouteen inch wood frame and can be attached to a 'robotic' wheeled dolly. Lot's of light and sound effects eventually.

mensmaximus, Feb 18 2005


       having troubles imagining this one...have a link to a drawing or a picture you can provide?
Sabriand, Feb 18 2005

       Or a sound file?
robinism, Feb 19 2005


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