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Alarm Clock that prints out a HB idea for you to read first thing in the morning
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This is a digital alarm clock with an internet connection to the Halfbakery site and a built-in noisy dot matrix printer as well.

When the alarm sounds, you don't hear blaring squawks; just the dissonant but industrious sound of ink being laid down onto paper as the machine downloads a recent idea from the Halfbakery website and prints it onto a notepad-sized, perforated page for you to tear off and read.

Sure, you *could* hit snooze for another 9 minutes but why would you when there could be gold sitting right there on your night table for you to look at? Hopefully by the time you've read an idea, you will be out of bed and on your way to logging onto the real halfbakery for more.

phundug, Sep 25 2007

free rss feed reader http://www.feedreader.com/
supposedly provides continuous update directly to your computer. this one works with google homepage and other stuff [dentworth, Sep 26 2007]

Make a speaking RSS feed alarm clock http://www.makezine...ss_alarm_clock.html
Although I'm not sure where the article actually is. [DrCurry, Sep 26 2007]

Ubuntu Alarm Clock http://jhcore.com/2...23/rss-alarm-clock/
Another speaking clock with an RSS feed, provided we temporarily define clock to mean "computer." [DrCurry, Sep 26 2007]

Okidata Roll Paper Stand http://www.macmall....20Matrix%20Printers
This looks like it could handle enough paper for the longest ideas. [Klaatu, Sep 29 2007]


       Make it a generic RSS feed clock and I'll move it back off the Halfbakery Navel Gazing reservation...
jutta, Sep 25 2007

       I wish I could, but I am so clueless about what RSS is that I didn't want to take a chance. I assume I should replace "internet connection" with some other words? because it does sound dated. Thanks.
phundug, Sep 25 2007

       I love this! Bake it and I'm first in line to purcchase. You take PayPal©? [++]
Klaatu, Sep 25 2007

       seriously? I'll have a prototype on your desk in the morning!   

       Wouldn't this just be easier by writing a program, installing on a computer in the bedroom, and buying an old school dot matrix printer? Or, even better, a wireless 801.11 LPT1 port. (mount the printer on your network, run the HB bot on a host computer and have it send the printout automatically, every morning) Just have the printer on your nightstand. This is easily baked. I think I'm going to bake it.
evilpenguin, Sep 25 2007

       + Do you take *Bake-Pal*?
xandram, Sep 26 2007

       I could bake this in less than 10 minutes for your Windows system. You provide the dot-matrix printer, and I'll give you a Windows Scheduler file that will run a batch file that will launch HB random and print the page.   

       I would charge you for it, but then I'd have to give some percentage to [phundug]. So I'll give it away for free.   

       In fact, if someone has an ftp site or something I could e-mail the file and they could put it up and link to it here. It will totally work. It's very simple.
globaltourniquet, Sep 26 2007

       You know, ideally, it would keep printing the idea until you get up and stop it. I could see sleepeing through the soft whirring of a dot matrix printer.   

       Of course, the scheduler batch file could just play a loud beep on your system speaker and just print to your inkjet instead.
globaltourniquet, Sep 26 2007

       [gt] enter my Lab, sir.   

       (email me the program, if you have the time to write it. My email is listed in my profile)   

       I would like to install this on one of my very old (433mhz) CPU's with a NIC.   

       BONUS: I'm not going to use a dot-matrix. Instead I'm going to use a even older pen plotter. Trust me, it's much more annoying. . . .
evilpenguin, Sep 26 2007

       Class Idea. One small caveat - will it print all the annotations? - I'm woried about ink and paper requirements (Not to mention any idea by Vernon!)
gnomethang, Sep 26 2007

       Generic RSS-fed speaking clocks apparently exist, or at least the recipes for them. Not sure of the advantages of printing the feed. Not with my eyes, anyway.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2007

       DrCurry: DOT MATRIX printer was a key part of the idea cause it's noisey.
dentworth, Sep 26 2007

       Doesn't matter what kind of printer it is if your squinting eyes can't make out the writng.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2007

       I have the executable ready - it simply opens a browser control on a blank form to the random idea (like the link) and prints. Unfortunately it leaves the form open - I don't have time to put in the code to close it when the printing is finished. You would simply install the exe somewhere and schedule it using Windows Scheduler. It doesn't beep, though - you will have to use your loud printer.   

       To see how the page prints out on your printer, simply print from your browser - it works the same way. We may want to give an option to use the /lr switch.   

       E-mail me if you want the executable. If someone has an ftp site, I'll e-mail it to them and they can upload it and link it here.   

       OOO! I have an idea! I'll change it so that if you launch it with a command-line switch, it will keep printing until you close the form! That will get your lazy ass up...
globaltourniquet, Sep 26 2007

       I don't know what [global] said but it sounds brilliant!
dentworth, Sep 26 2007

       Yeah, I spent twenty minutes of valuable work time developing that - what was wrong with me there I wonder...
globaltourniquet, Sep 27 2007

       We need an option for heavy sleepers whereby it only prints [Vernon] ideas.
wagster, Sep 27 2007

       //it only prints [Vernon] ideas//   

       Just make sure you've loaded it with a full ream of paper before you go to bed...
jtp, Sep 27 2007

       Clever, and cool. +
blissmiss, Sep 28 2007


       I wonder what idea and annotations has the most text? I strongly suspect the "Non lame tag-line".   

       Maybe it could be used as a sleep timer, and be ready to read by the morning. That is, if you find dot matrix printers soothing.
Ling, Sep 28 2007

       Longest might be "Tails for all" or "2 Cups of Coffee"
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 28 2007

       How many ideas on this site have this much positive feedback? I say you go for it, I mean, how many people would buy the program off you or the person who made it? I would, and i'm cheap as...
xxobot, Sep 28 2007

       I agree   

       [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+]
evilpenguin, Sep 29 2007

       If I had one of these I'd have to set it up in the living room because I'm pretty sure I'd be sleeping on the couch from that day on. +   

       //Just make sure you've loaded it with a full ream of paper before you go to bed...//   

       Or, if a [vernon] idea comes up you could have a roll paper feeder hooked in <link>.
Klaatu, Sep 29 2007

       Oh the dreams I would have after hitting the snooze button...
RayfordSteele, Oct 01 2007


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