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Repository for meaningless textified vocalizations
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This is a version of the half bakery where, instead of ideas with summaries and titles, there are instead only abstract sylablifications displayed in a "recent" view and accompanied by annotations and links.

This was inspired by the practice of transcribing my own erructations for "Erructative Naming Convention".

JesusHChrist, Mar 06 2014

Eructative Naming Convention Eructative_20Naming_20Convention
[JesusHChrist, Mar 06 2014]

Link letters... Link_20letters
[normzone, Mar 06 2014]


       Why are you looking back yet again?
xandram, Mar 06 2014

       I don't know, it's like a car accident, I can't stop looking.
JesusHChrist, Mar 06 2014

       hehe - good answer! [JHC]
xandram, Mar 07 2014

       You could also have a version that eschewed the use of letters and contained only punctuation marks and other odd symbols.
pocmloc, Mar 07 2014


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