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Garden of halfbaked delights

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In this garden every Halfbaker has their own special tree, and on the branches are tied little tags, each describing one of their ideas. Visitors to the garden wander about, reading tags here and there, and tying little bone or bun trinkets to the branches along side the tags to indicate their approval. Annotations can be written on scraps of paper and wedged in the cracks or knotholes.
simonj, Jan 29 2009

(?) a reference to this, perhaps? http://www.etsu.edu...arthly_Delights.jpg
[pertinax, Jan 29 2009]


       + very cute image!!
btw- I would like a palm or willow tree, thanks.
xandram, Jan 29 2009

       the annotations would fall out of their knot-holes, and it would be very hard to read them in sequence.
pertinax, Jan 29 2009

       Make mine an apple tree please. +
blissmiss, Feb 15 2009


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