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Half-Baked Alaska?

Anyone about for a Halfcon in Anchorage?
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Just on the off-chance that any Halfbakers happen to be in-or-around Anchorage (Alaska, US) - I'm there for a conference for a week about the 20th September. We could convene a mini-Halfcon. There could be tasty baked comestibles (pretzels in lieu of french pastry if needs be) and I might even buy a beer or two.
Jinbish, Sep 10 2009

(?) Here you go, [calum] Alaska comes to you. http://www.clubvibe...ghtclub/Alaska.html
[coprocephalous, Sep 11 2009]


       if I started now I could be broken down halfway through NWT by then... (sorry, can't make it). Have an Eskimo Pi for me or something :)
FlyingToaster, Sep 11 2009

       Well, I guess next time I'll just have to try and publish in a conference in Oz then, won't I? Failing that I'll choose a country that you can get a visa for... one of the Axis of 'Bubba countries.
Jinbish, Sep 11 2009

       I'd love to but I have an appointment in Glasgow on 21st of September.
calum, Sep 11 2009

       Yeah - I knew you wouldn't make it, [calum].
<insert facetious untruth here> Some lame-ass excuse like you've got an appointment to get your cat's teeth flossed.</ifuh>
Jinbish, Sep 11 2009

       [copro], alas Alaska (which I was in quite a few times, back in the day) is no more. It is now the Buff Club, which is also quite good, in a very different way.
calum, Sep 11 2009

       Alas, Alaska.
theleopard, Sep 11 2009

       I'll lass. Hey Sarah Palin, you wanna come to a bakersfest?
blissmiss, Sep 11 2009

       Juneau I wish I could Jinbish, I think I'd enjoy lifting a pint with you, but life just won't let me do Nunavut.   

       Whoa, [copro]. Blast from the past. As [calum] says, Alaska (the Glasgow venue) is no more. Spent quite a few evenings there- quietly contemplating the finer things in life... over a cheap vodka-coke / turps.   

       Kenai just thank the rest of you pun-happy folks, even if you Kenai make it.
Jinbish, Sep 11 2009


       Just in case there are any Alaskans. Here's your chance to meet up with a real, live [Jinbish]!
Jinbish, Sep 17 2009

       MFD recipe.   

po, Sep 17 2009

       Wait a minute - Baked Alaska is partly ice-cream, which is just frozen, churned custard...
coprocephalous, Sep 17 2009

       Bon voyage, JB!
calum, Sep 17 2009

skinflaps, Sep 17 2009

       Dog Speed, I mean God Speed?
blissmiss, Sep 17 2009

       Good place to meet. After all, you can see Russia from there, and being crown-shaped, God destined it to be, like, a sanctuary during the Great Tribulation. I'm off to shoot me some moose.
RayfordSteele, Sep 17 2009

       //Half-Baked Alaska//   

       Half-frozen, isn't it?
theleopard, Sep 17 2009

       And you didn't believe in witches.
RayfordSteele, Sep 17 2009

       "Live 'n' evil hag", God I love that. I need to stash it in my quick come backs to rude people. God I love that.
blissmiss, Sep 17 2009


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