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Halfbakery convention, like, you know, in person somewhere
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I attended a writing group for years (and years and years) and at one point after a decade or two, the person who ran the salon gathered us all in at a small convention space in a hotel for the evening. We all read our (fill in the blank--poetry, fiction, reporting, etc.) We were from one city but I think the idea of a Halfbakery reading might eventually have merit. And some of my ideas, at least attain a level of stupidity and/or naivete so stunning as can only be considered a form of poetry. Of the gods. Or not. For that matter, what about a Halfbakery bakery, where idea-readings take the place of scary/crappy poetry readings?
cloudface, Sep 09 2003

Half-Baked http://web.archive....ers_27_20Convention
Though this particular idea is long gone. [DrCurry, Oct 21 2004]


       What would they serve at the buffet, halfbaked croissants and fishbones?
What would the attendees drink Half & Half?
Would there be troll detectors at the entrance?
I think there are some serious organizational problems to be solved, but it could be fun.
kbecker, Sep 09 2003

       God, why would anyone want to do that? It'll never happen.
waugsqueke, Sep 09 2003

       Tried this one. I couldn't find any nearby Halfbakers, so I made my own out of balloons, rags and old scraps of wood.   

       [FarmerJohn]'s been dominating the conversation, but [UnaBubba] got some attention when his head violently exploded. [po] seems to be obsessed with the cat (or vice versa, it's hard to tell).
Detly, Jun 19 2004


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