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Half-heard genius engine

Aleatoric idea generator
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This would be a system that tests you for comprehension speed and then plays you a stream of words/ images/ video clips at just above your comprehension speed, or gives you control of the speed so you could adjust is precisely just above your ability to process so that you could then just sit and wait for genius ideas to occur to you. I had to rely on the spell check two times in the writing of this idea to spell the word genious.
JesusHChrist, Sep 19 2011

Like this? http://nonsense.x2d.org/
(But constantly refreshing, with images and videos as well? And with topic themed to your desired area of gee-knee-us idea?) [swimswim, Sep 20 2011]

Or this? http://www.youtube....watch?v=DAsmf1LGcpA
Juicy men embalmed her [nineteenthly, Sep 21 2011]

Nadsat http://en.wiktionar...:A_Clockwork_Orange
Mostly Russian, innit. [theleopard, Sep 24 2011]

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       Actually now that I look at it this is exactly the same as the original idea
JesusHChrist, Sep 19 2011

       An inspriation machine! I like this - perfectly halfbaked. That said, I suspect that after a while the genious ideas would be primarily concerned with ways of dealing with sensory overload.
calum, Sep 19 2011

       Yet become ironically dependant on them just like how contemporary media is actively increasing our thresholds for absorbing ranges of sound that densensitize to even the cries of nipple deprived newborns.
rcarty, Sep 19 2011

       Toric idea generator? That gives me an idea...
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 19 2011

       I have a query as to how They are determining your comprehension level. Hopefully it is by some method more labcoaty than whacking it up to the point where you start drooling and then dialling it back a dollop.
calum, Sep 19 2011

       An EEG would be the obvious feedback system. That, or a head-mounted accelerometer that can detect when the watcher goes into a Grand Mal seizure.
8th of 7, Sep 19 2011

       //ability to process// vs. //comprehension speed//   

       Half-heard scraps of conversation for me usually include bits of technical jargon which were never actually uttered -- because that's what my brain's tuned for. The optimal speed for this thing would be slightly faster than you could comprehend, but not quite too fast to process. EEG (or some fancier form of funtional imaging) would probably work for processing, but comprehension would probably require some sort of quiz. ([+] BTW)   

       On the other hand, perhaps it could be tuned to maximize a P300 response.
mouseposture, Sep 19 2011

       Half heard scraps of conversation pass through my brain and almost always end up as innuendo. (+)
Twizz, Sep 20 2011

       A blanket   

       A dog running   

       "turret, saltmine, humpty dumpty"   

       An orchid   

       A croissant [+]   

       Euler's constant   

       (+ as long as users would have some control over the theme in general)
swimswim, Sep 20 2011

       Take out all the spaces and use what's left for subliminal messages.
ldischler, Sep 20 2011

       Is the nonsense generator supposed to predict terrorist attacks?
DIYMatt, Sep 21 2011

       Well, if that's what it said to you, then I guess so.
swimswim, Sep 21 2011

       My appypolly loggies my dearest droogs, but I once smote this sinny in which a spoogy moodge had this very veshch viddied upon him under great discomfort and ultraviolence. It made the poor moodge most bolnoy, poor bratchny – he couldn't even sloshy his beloved Ludwig van.
theleopard, Sep 21 2011

       Gotta loob the poor malchickiwick.
pertinax, Sep 22 2011

       // Is the nonsense generator supposed to predict terrorist attacks? //   

       No, it's designed to prevent [Alterother] Halfbakes.
Alterother, Sep 22 2011

       [theleopard] Good Lord. Do you actually speak Nadsat?
mouseposture, Sep 23 2011

       It's not that hard, [mouseposture]; it's like Franglais, but with Russian. You knew that, right?
pertinax, Sep 24 2011

       Smot my linky, dearest droog.
theleopard, Sep 24 2011


       The lack of a Nadsat word for "thank you" is significant, prolly.
mouseposture, Sep 24 2011


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