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Halfbaked Award Shirt

Special shirt only best/worst thinkers can order
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Create two special award shirts that only people who have very baked or very boned ideas are allowed to order. Pick some slogans for them... maybe "My idea on Halfbakery was brilliant!" and "My idea on Halfbakery sucked!," well, you can think of a better slogan than that. It should also show the fishbones or croissants. If each shirt is custom 1-off printed, it could also include the full idea on the back, or at least the title somewhere. The inventor would still pay for the shirt, but they would be the only one entilted to order the special award shirt.
Krate, Feb 11 2002


       Krate, order the "My idea on Halfbakery sucked!" version.
waugsqueke, Feb 11 2002

       Cash or Charge?
thumbwax, Feb 11 2002

       Can I get one for posting ideas with 3 -ve votes and 2 +ve votes? Otherwise, fishy.
pottedstu, Feb 11 2002

       There are no 'winners', though there are a few losers.
phoenix, Feb 11 2002

       We know which shirt Krate was going for with this idea.
prune, Feb 11 2002

       One of those t-shirts that has been cut off at mid-chest--thus obscuring the slogan punch line.
entremanure, Feb 12 2002

       hey, i actually like the idea :) w/o out the full idea on the back.
daime, Aug 03 2002


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