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Halfbaked Ideas

Different colored lines for each idea
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Sometimes when I am reading the Ideas that have been posted the names seem to have run together. I was thinking that if there was a different colored line for each idea, kinda like a line-item form or something, that it would be easier to select the idea to look at. Just an idea...
barnzenen, Dec 04 2000

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       Is that like a line item veto?
Qualiall, Dec 04 2000

       I understand what barnzenen means. In the "overview" mode, at least in the font that shows on my browser, it's difficult to tell the line-breaks from the new ideas, especially without a fish/croissant. I would add some whitespace, or a boundary line between ideas to emphasize the break (color is already used for "unchanged since last visit").
rmutt, Dec 04 2000


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