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display category ideas link

When you post an idea in a particular category, link should be there to display idea in selected category
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It would be helpful to see which ideas are there in that category and helpful in posting new ideas or avoiding the posting.
artist, Aug 03 2003

All Categories http://www.halfbake...:t=All_20Categories
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004]


       I'm not getting this. Elucidate?
bristolz, Aug 03 2003

       you could of course look at the list above ^ thataway and preferably before posting the idea.
po, Aug 03 2003

       As a old teacher of mine used to say: "Ze grrreat AHA!"
Cedar Park, Aug 03 2003

       HINT Look HINT up HINT and HINT to HINT the HINT right HINT
thumbwax, Aug 03 2003

       Oh THOSE. Is that what [artist] meant?
bristolz, Aug 03 2003

       I think I understand. I think that artist wants to see a list of ideas while working in the 'add an idea' screen. Then again, maybe not.
st3f, Aug 04 2003

       When searching to see if an idea is already halfbaked typing key words into Search doesn't always help.
Bookmark this [Link] and you can access all of the categories before you post [artist]


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