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Halfbaked Olympics

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Browsing the front page, many of the ideas could do double duty as games at the Halfbaked Olympics in a political capital:

Glow in the dark judo with a mission to kill / Synchronised underwater demolition derby chess / Physical ejection USB port archery / Banzai badminton using machinable cheese shuttlecocks / Sprinting on high surface energy roads / Robotic Moronic Lawn Sprinkler dressage / Nike line showjumping over ever higher piles of junk / Variable flex poulting mallet field hockey / Brachiation racing over ceiling-mounted hurdles / Polarised football on trampolines.

The gold, silver and bronze croissants are, of course, awarded under a Routemaster Arch.

Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012


       Halfbakery theme: [+]
Olympics: [-]
pocmloc, Jul 17 2012

       I like it. [+]
xandram, Jul 18 2012


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