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A little late, and marked-for-expiry.

If we have any fellow Bakers in Japan, or with friends and family there - best wishes.

MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2011

Japan http://www.guardian...nami-aftermath-live
[rcarty, Mar 12 2011]

New Zealand http://curezone.com...sheep_off_cliff.jpg
[rcarty, Mar 12 2011]

The earthquake moved the Earth's axis 10 inches http://www.vancouve.../4425617/story.html
[hippo, Mar 12 2011]

Japan - before & after mouseovers http://www.abc.net....011/beforeafter.htm
[po, Mar 13 2011]


       And those in New Zealand too.
rcarty, Mar 11 2011

nineteenthly, Mar 11 2011

       Hear, hear!   

       It appears all the Japanese places I remember are safely out of the way, but the people... people don't stay put.   

       Gambatte, yo!   

       And our Kiwi friends - I know we have some HBers there, and I've not seen anything - hey, you guys OK down there?
lurch, Mar 11 2011

       So far, no report of serious problems in NZ. EDIT:::: Ohmygod - sorry. I assumed the reference to NZ was in respect of a possible Tsunami from Japan (which, as I understand it, didn't reach there). I wasn't referring to the earlier earthquake there, which was indeed devastating. Apologies for any misunderstanding.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 11 2011

       That ship was spinning around in the whirlpool pics didn't happen to be the whale exterminating factory ship the Nisshin Maru by any lucky chance?
xenzag, Mar 12 2011

       //If we have any fellow Bakers in Japan, or with friends and family there - best wishes//   

       I second that. I was there for the Niigata earthquake, but this looks a hell of a lot worse.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 12 2011

       Interesting link, [hippo].
blissmiss, Mar 12 2011

       Thanks for the good thoughts.
//no report of serious problems in NZ//
Easy for you to say!
My garage has sunk and my flat is on a lean (I've moved out). The power is back on (kinda - there's a truck-mounted generator across the street) but no water or sewerage. Most of the local roads are toast - gravelled over to fill in the cracks, much floodage from broken pipes. The whole suburb is likely to be bulldozed and returned to the wetland from whence it came.
At least there haven't been too many aftershocks this time.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 13 2011

       [Neutrino] I'm so sorry - see my edit above. I meant that, at least, early fears of a tidal wave from Japan reaching NZ didn't (as far as I know) materialize. Gods know you've had enough to deal with there already.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2011

       The Madhatter Project?
rcarty, Mar 13 2011

       <points at [MikeD]>   

       It's his fault ! His fault ! Just because we got the decimal point in the wrong place ... we told him to check the calculations, but oh noooooo, he couldn't be bothered, could he ?   

       If the other half of the charges go off, it could get a bit messy ... should we tell someone ?
8th of 7, Mar 13 2011

       Hey, c'mon.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2011

It's all good. I probably missed the reference to 'Japan' at the top of the page... no tsunami effects that I know of (the Chile earthquake early last year gave some cool tidal measurements, however. Can't find a graph of this one).
If [8th of 7] and [MikeD] want to blow up my former flat/suburb, I want to help! Not sure if the local council will agree to high explosives...
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 13 2011

       What tit boned this?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2011

       The auto-titer?
blissmiss, Mar 13 2011

       <placeholder for complex witty multi-level punning anno referencing Twitter, tits (small insectivorous avians), Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, chemical analysis by titration, and mammary glands.
8th of 7, Mar 13 2011

       most do.
po, Mar 14 2011

       Maybe someone's finger slipped.
nineteenthly, Mar 14 2011

       Autoboner, Thy name is Namazu.
nineteenthly, Mar 14 2011

       2 autoboners!! Boo!
xandram, Mar 14 2011

       // let's round up the rugged individualists //   

       Further lectures in this series include:   

       "How to herd cats"
"How to nail jello to the ceiling"
"How to get HalfBakers to work together"
8th of 7, Mar 14 2011

       Namazu...you mean the big one they keep in that secret bunker in Pyonyang?   

       "How to herd cats" - fish on a bit of string "How to nail jello to the ceiling" - put big nail through jello, put in freezer, take out then nail to ceiling, or freeze dry it first, then nail. Can't help you with the last one.   

       PS pulled the Forex rates, even with Japan as it is,the Yen still rose against the Pound on Monday..
not_morrison_rm, Mar 15 2011

       The government is pouring liquidity into it. On another topic I really admire Japanese culture for the way they're all working together and not a single looter in sight.
Voice, Mar 15 2011

       // a Stirling/Electric hybrid that can burn wood //   

       In WW2, the Japanese manufactured AVGAS from pine tree roots.   

       In the same era, Swedish vehicles were powered by portable gasifiers which worked by the destructive ditillation of wood.   

       "Baked" ...
8th of 7, Mar 15 2011

       //I really admire Japanese culture for the way they're all working together and not a single looter in sight.//   

       Well I have no admiration for a culture that is busy exterminating whales and lying that it is in "scientific interest" then, selling tons of the resulting whale meat to the highest bidders.   

       I have written numerous letters to their ambassador in London about this and so far have humiliated him into total silence. So much for honour.   

       I feel sorry for the average Japanese citizen effected by the dreadful disaster, but have no time for their government, that is rotten to the core with liars and defenders of their scum of the sea whale killers.
xenzag, Mar 15 2011

       Whilst I agree, this perhaps is not the time?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2011

       // their government, that is rotten to the core with liars //   

       And this differs from any other "democratic" government exactly how ?   

       // this perhaps is not the time? //   

       Unless you're a cetacean, presumably.
8th of 7, Mar 15 2011

       //Whilst I agree, this perhaps is not the time?// My opposition to the killing of whales is implacable, and I see no reason to relent.
xenzag, Mar 15 2011

       My opposition to the killing of whales is also implacable. I'm not too keen on war either, but I wouldn't bring a banner to a military funeral.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2011

       // Chinese people eat dogs and they are pretty sentient too. //   

       Chinese people are on average just as sentient as anyone else, except the french, who just don't make the grade.   

       Dogs are certainly sentient, compared (once again) to the french.   

       Some species of bacteria are highly sentient compared to, for instance, the welsh - the only native population consistently outsmarted by their local flora. Actually, they're a step down from that, because they can't even photosynthesise.   

       Must be tough to be looked down on by lichen ...
8th of 7, Mar 15 2011

       This eathquake originated in the ocean, right? Whales are the largest of the biota in the oceans. The earthquake supposedly generated a tsunami, correct? Whales have blowholes that can move large volumes of water. Japan is the largest whale killing country in the world, no? Whales have clear motive for attacking Japan from the oceans.   

       I don't want to draw any hasty conclusions, but I think it's clear that it's the whales.
rcarty, Mar 15 2011

       ...so, anyway. Best wishes to our friends in Jappers. We all hope you are OK.
methinksnot, Mar 15 2011

       I wonder how many miles per tree you'd get.
FlyingToaster, Mar 16 2011

       I worry about the Japanese paranoia about radiation, and am wondering if there's a new generation of <i>hibakusha</i> being created. (hibakusha = atomic bomb survivors, who were victims of discrimination and cultural ostracism. Many Japanese believed that radiation exposure was both hereditary and contagious.)
lurch, Mar 16 2011

       Erm, if the only reason you don't like a country is that they have some dubious animal welfare practices and they have, or have had, irrational prejudices against groups of their fellow citizens, that wouldn't tend to leave a lot of countries to like.   

       I'll include my own country the UK here, turns out that breeding spaniels has made a breed with skulls that are too small for their brains, but that's ok of course...   

       Here's hoping that all of this gives a greater impetus to geo-thermal power research.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 16 2011

       What a nightmare over there.   

       In a side note, this whole episode will likely set needed American nuclear power back for another 10 years of hand-wringing stalemate, in favor of the black death (coal). The health care industry (oxymoronic phrase if there was one) here is probably chomping at the bit waiting for more coal- induced health plague.   

       I know. We'll send Charlie Sheen to the reactor. He can power Japan's needs, and his warlock tiger blood will keep him safe from the radiation. Or if it doesn't, then oh well.
RayfordSteele, Mar 16 2011


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